I Couldn't Find This on the Vault - BePower Jasperre AI Update

Couldn’t find this on the Vault - Index of /rolovault/projects/nwn1/scripts/3675 (neverwintervault.org)

Be cool if it could get migrated over.

Be nice if this could get migrated too - its the HAK version TonyK AI 1.08. Index of /rolovault/projects/nwn1/hakpaks/4511 (neverwintervault.org)

First one is done. As Tony K is still around (active on NwN 2 threads) I’ve pm’d them for their opinion on the second.


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Just created the project: Developer’s HakPak for Inventory & Battle AI mod v1.08 | The Neverwinter Vault

I also changed the related projects for the other NWN work to point to the new entry and to each other. No other changes.