I Have Been Asked to Pass This On

About 6 months ago I messaged Six (aka SixThrice) to ask if he minded my doing something to his stuff and posting the result here. Today I finally got a reply. Hey, it happens. Delay is no biggie. Anyway, as part of his reply he asked me to pass the following on -

So, short version: you are absolutely welcome to do whatever you’d like with any of my NWN stuff moving forwards! It’s long past the point where I’ve felt the need to protect my early portfolio by making sure it always got credited and whatnot. Feel free to spread the word

So there you have it.



As a (relative) newbie, should I be excited about this? What goodies are on the way? Links? :grinning:

How is Six doing? What is he up to these days? Any chance of him ever returning to the fold?

When is he returning?


As far as I know he isn’t. He basically apologised for the delay saying that he looked at the email address that I used maybe once or twice a year. He then replied to my request and ask that I pass on the message that I posted. I suspect that he is busy working most of the time these days and that to come back here would be like a busman’s holiday as, if I remember correctly, he now works in the games industry.

@jimdad55 at the moment no and none. During the time I waited for a reply, somebody else did what I had been going to do.