I’m back and working on the next version of the Companion and Monster AI

Hi TonyK, I hope you are doing very well!

I just want to drop some more observations regarding your mod:

-Bug: Enemy AI doesn’t summon animal companions in fights. (Companion AI’s do)

-Bug: With a new global option ‘‘NPC’s Auto rest/heal’’ in non-combat I noticed that this applies even when enemies are still in the fight when one of the enemies turns invincible during the fight, another NPC can’t see him so this global option auto rests this NPC as he can’t see anything, while technically he is still in the fight against the invincible enemy. So whenever in the middle of the fight 1vs1 someone goes invincible another gets auto rest.

-Suggestion: Disable intelligence (AI smartness) penalty for low INT NPC’s. The idea is good on paper as low INT orcs are supposed to be dumb, but please consider that sorcerers also have low INT scores and don’t need it because their main attribute is CHARISMA.

(RULE 7: AI is scaled based on the creature’s intelligence. Very low intelligence creatures only attack closest target, high intelligence creatures find and exploit enemies’ weaknesses. The AI will not cast inappropriate spells against a target that is immune to them, including elemental immunities like fire.)

And because of that they also suffer and not getting most of this mod which I believe is not fair because sorcerers are a masterpiece of magicians. If you could implant this option as global ON/OFF would be fantastic!

And one more thing if you are still active may I ask if you have future plans on updating your AI for NWN:EE aswell? You are sir genius creating and enhancing AI’s and community really appreciate this! Please if you need any support on Patreon or somewhere else just gimme a note I’m more than happy heavily support such projects! :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you provide the details of the fight you are talking about (module, act, etc.) or DM me a saved game to download that happens just before this issue?

I will look at some of the other issues you brought up. Some of them I have a good idea what is happening. For the rest, I may need more information or saved games to reproduce.

I am not currently planning of doing a new NWN release. I have investigated this, but it is a question of time, not money. It would take several weeks to convert over the NWN2 system, account for game and engine differences, and support new features like using items with the new functions. Also, the player base is now much smaller so getting enough testing by the community would be an issue.

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I have investigated this behaviour again and I got mixed results.
-Sometimes enemy/companion AI buffs once and/or more than once or wander around with no care while silenced (they could buff or heal from potions if available).
-Sometimes enemy/companion AI buffs once and/or more than once or wander around with no care while blinded/deafened (they could buff or heal from spells or potions if available).
SUGGESTION regarding the above: If they do buff themselves they should prevent buffing with sort duration buffs or in the best scenario they could calculate how long deaf/blind/silence or other negative effect remains. If the enemy is strong CL and casts (duration Blind/Deaf 6 sec * Caster Level) that means the target will have a negative effect quite long so not worth buffing with a short duration buff as it will expire before deaf/blind/silence expire.

I managed to make a workaround. I have edited feat.2da file and look for Familiar and AnimalCompanion rows. And edited their IsActive, IsPersistent, Instant rows to 1. As a result, every NPC who has Druid, Ranger, Wizard, Sorcerer has their Animal Companions and Familiars respectively in the world with them summoned.

I’m playing as DM client and watching AI fights. This save has been played at Battle of the Builds module with several mods by order 1. NWN2 Fixes 2. KaedPRCPack_v1.41.4 3. Spell_improvements_version_6.06 4. Companion and Monster AI 2.5. Where latest mod overrides others if necessary.

I made a video of AI behaviour with an explanation:
Problem accruing once one of the AI1 become Invincible/Ethereal/ or in any form while other AI2 can’t see AI1. Because AI2 can’t see anything it thinks there are no threats around so AUTO REST gets triggered for AI2. As result AI2 loses all buffs/negative effects plus gets full heal while it is still technically in the fight and the enemy (AI1) is a few feet away hiding in invincible mode. Once AI1 becomes visible again and strikes AI2, AI2 has to buff again in the middle of the fight. To achieve the best result AI2 tries to become Ethereal or invincible and buff in safe mode being invincible. So as result now AI1 thinks there are no threats around and the battle is over and gets AUTO REST and loses all buffs like AI2 before. It goes forever because once rest is triggered they also get all spells available again. Example1: 0:58 - AI1 (left side) uses Greater invisibility so AI2 (right side) can’t see anything and on 1:07 gets AUTO REST and loses all buffs. Example2: 1:55 AI2 (right side) uses Greater invincibility so AI1 (left side) 1:59 gets AUTO REST as thinks there is no battle and loses all buffs.

SUGGESTION: 1. AI to not get AUTO REST while technically they are in the fight. 2. Once they notice that an enemy goes Invincible/Ethereal and no other enemies around - do buffing as well or use potions to heal/buff but not stand and do nothing