I miss this

Hi all. I decided to browse the forums after a long absence (marriage, studies, friends wanting to try D&D and me DMing for them) and I saw so many cool posts. I missed so many good things that have happened throughout the last year or so. I am glad to see so many new people, as well as old friends keep checking in to give advice and talk about the game we love.

It reminds me of when I first got familiar with the toolset. I then found the old bioware forums and had endless content to read through. In any case, I just wanted to let this out. You people are awesome and I really missed talking about the toolset and other things. Keep going strong :).

P.s perhaps this should be on general natter, but what the hell.



Hey andysks, it’s been a while.

Welcome back (says the one who vanished for more than four years).

Wow. Pen and paper gaming. Gotta say I really miss that…


Nice to hear. Thanks in part to my old P&P stuff, NWN2, and the Critical Role videos, my daughters both play D&D tabletop with their college friends. I take it as a win.

While I find that my interest in NWN2 playing and modding ebbs and flows it never fades away.


One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us…

Always happy to hear this being passed on to the next generation.


reading the replies - is just psychedelic - the repliers’ names just feel like my endorphins surged


@Morbane I was going to Like but this is way too gushy already. it’s like we might save the world or something …

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And as I was saying … :wink: Good to see you back. :slight_smile: