I need a account favor

Hello, I am sir_mathis_kyngston and I created the first account back in 2005. I lost my email addresses that I had when I created the account. They were all under my ISP’s email address like @at&t.net and @sbcglobal.net. I had sir_mathis@sbcglobal.net. I can’t remember which of my paid email acccount I used for the first account. It might have been my name, which is mannonsullivan2nd@att.net or @sbcglobal.net. I created another account on neverwinternights vault called mathis_kyngston. The one I using now, because I didn’t take in considerations of restoring that old account or how to email the website for help. I now have a @hotmail.com account. I was hoping and asking for a favor. From staff, if you could. change my email address out from the old one to sir_mathis_kyngston@hotmail.com. I would be very grateful, if you can. That way the one account I am using at the moment can be delete after my old account is fixed and I do a password reset on it. Thanks for your time reading this and for your future help.

While that is more than likely doable, your old account disappeared many years ago. This website was made by and maintained by fans of the games and has nothing to do with eith either Bioware or IGN. Here is a quick little bit of history. As you made your first account back in 2005 it would have been on the old nwn.bioware.com site. EA/Bioware closed that one many years ago and made 2 more sites which have closed in the intervening years. Also IGN closed the old neverwintervault.ign.com site too. This site that you now have an account on, was created by fans and the content of the ign vault was transferred over with the permission of ign. So I am afraid that your old account is unrecoverable.


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Thanks Tarot_Redhand,
I had no idea of that going on. I thought neverwinter vault was one fan that created it and was allowing other players to post their creations on the vault to make neverwinter vault a resource of neverwinter fun. I am glad that a lot of things were not lost from the old neverwinter vault. I love the neverwinter vault and would enjoy adding some of the things I learned in scripting. I hope it’s okay to post some stuff up on the new site to help old and new future game players. For some odd reasoning the account sir_mathis_kyngston shows to be created 1 year and 5 months ago. I also now remember creating the account with my old email address I recently lost, which was mannonsullivan2nd@gmail.com. I hopes that helps

It’s more than OK, we welcome it. Did you create stuff before that was on the old vault? If so you should be able to “reclaim” it and have it transferred over to your control.


No, I signed up to Neverwinter vault so I could download and use the ELC Champion from Wind Gate 1.26. strip script & some player modules that I enjoyed playing.I also downloaded other tools from Neverwinter vault. I still have the strip script and I also have ITP beta 8a and the SRC files for ITP. I guess the tools are to create a new version of ITP with Visual Studio.net or 2003. I have some other old files that the vault could benefit from since they originally came from there to began with.Everthing I have is from 2003-2006. I hope the vault was looking to recover from lost files over the years.