I need help for installing the first act of Aielund Saga

Hello to everyone! Could someone help me to install the first act of the Aielund Saga?
I’m a lot confused because I’ve found this module on nwn vault and this module require other modules for functioning.
I’ve also seen this module on the steam workshop and in the curated user content after starting nwn!

Which of the 3 should I choose?
The first option is the most complicated for the installation!
For the other two I don’t know if they automatically download and install the other modules necessary for the correct functioning of the first Act! I wouldn’t like starting this module and after a lot of playing be put in a situation full of bugs for dependencies problems!

There is another question…
I’ve partially installed the other modules necessary for the installation of the first Act, I’ve downloaded them from the nwn vault.
I would like to know if they can cause conflicts with the modules installed from the steam workshop or the curated user content and viceversa!
There are three ways for the installation of new modules and my fear is that this can cause problems with the dependencies!
Are these 3 ways contained in “sealed rooms” for avoiding such issues?

Next and last question
I’ve an Intel CPU and I’ve heard that these types of CPU cause a lot of bugs in this module (Aielund Saga), is that true? And if so, has this problem been fixed?

Others may know better, but, as I understand it, the Curated version works on one click and does not conflict with Vault downloads.

There is a tool called NIT on the Vault that simplifies Vault downloads - worth investing time if you’re going to play many modules, because few are curated.

Avoid Steam Workshop - it’s widely reported to be unreliable, and my own tests have shown significant compatibility issues. If you have to use it to obtain exclusive content, move the downloaded files from the Steam folders to the corresponding locations in Documents.

In case you ever need to understand how installs work, there is a Guide.

No idea about Intel, sorry.

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Thank you for your help:)

Hi eX_Shadow,

The Intel CPU issue could be the HD x000 (x is a number) graphics chip built into many Intel CPUs. I have run into this problem before with older Intel CPUs, that the driver for it in Windows (I am assuming Windows here - Mac or Linux could be different) may never work with NWN.

I ran into a problem with my HP Elitebook 2570p. It has an Intel i5-3320M CPU with integrated HD 4000 graphics. It took forever to load modules. Turned out to be the graphics driver. It was not until last year that a more recent driver became available for Windows 10 Pro on this system, and it fixed the problem.

So, updating graphics drivers may help. I’ll try to give you more specific advice if you let me know more details on your hardware & software. You can PM me if you like.


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No problem with intel chipsets here so far, but it is well possible that a certain combination of chipset and drivers could cause some problems.

If there is a problem, then you should see it at once. If the game launches and behaves normal, I wouldn’t expect special problems with Aielund.

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Thank you! Until now everything runs smoothly