I need help with Appearance Scripts and Camera Scripts

Oh my, this all sounds confusing what have I gotten myself into? But its not like I can just stop I’ve already recorded 2 episodes of this thing.
Any chance that one would possibly in real time help me through these scripts and process like through discord or something say on certain days like Friday or Saturday being best since that’s when I actually record, when I finally get into that mess which should be soon since my module has a tutorial to work players through what will happen in said module, and I will need to get to those things soon. Its not like I’d be able to pay anyone for their time unfortunately so it’d basically be charity work, sorry, but I would probably credit your help in the module’s description when I come up with one.
At this rate one would say it would be easier to create a Custom Story in the HPL2 Toolset that Amnesia The Dark Descent actually uses, but I don’t understand how to make scripts in that toolset and using and looking at scripts others use and make also doesn’t help me understand it any better I still have no idea what any of the terminology actually does even when using the wiki.

This story will have no ability to attack the monsters I intend to make them immortal and plot and an exuberantly high level kind so the player will be able to do no damage like in the actual game of Amnesia The Dark Descent but still able to attack the player but do little damage so about 1 - 4 hp of damage give or take, I would however like to do a sort of stagger script to them upon hit so say it would make it easier to run away if they catch up to you, and if the player dies they will have to load, it’s a bit unforgiving I know, and would if I could like to not have to do that, but that’s how it will be to keep some immersion since I don’t know how to…say if the player dies like reaches 0hp send them back to the entry of the area or the last check point they pass over and heal them to 1hp there’s probably a script I could use from the main campaign/expansions but I don’t know the name of the script or if it even will work with my idea.

Scripting is easy for some to learn, but I have always had a hard time with it. Since I began making modules some 3-4 years ago I’ve now gotten pretty comfortable with most of the basics at least. People are generally very friendly and helpful here, but I think you should still try to learn at least a bit, since otherwise it will be really hard to create everything you’re trying to achieve. My advice is to check out this document by @kevL_s. kevL_s I’ve found is a great teacher when it comes to this stuff:

I also strongly suggest using Lilac Soul’s Script Generator since that made me understand scripting better when I began:

You could also check out Lance Botelle’s tutorial (even though it’s for NWN2 the two games scripting-wise are very similar. Most scripts done for NWN1 works in NWN2):

my Basic Scripting tute is for nwn2 although ~95% compatible with nwn

i think @Tarot_Redhand wrote a set of scripting tutorials for nwn1 – i suspect mine makes (more) sense at intermediate level

You’re right kevL_s. Forgot about that. Here’s one of his documents:

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Have a look at these 2 threads for links to tutorials -

Includes links to all 4 (so far) of my tutorials and the on and off line versions of the lexicon. You’ll find other scripting tutorials in the lexicon and amongst the other links.

Make sure to actually read through those threads as there may be later updates in them.


What is all this from Terot_Redhand, KevL_s and andgalf was this an accidental posting on my question or something I can actually use, I’m a bit confused here with the 1 - 4 posts back. The conversation between all you confuses me. I assume its to help me but not sure. I don’t want to barge into a conversation that’s not for me.

However if the answer was for me I should have clarified I do know about how to make scripts in the Aurora Toolset that NWN uses not the HPL2 Engine or HP Lovecraft 2 Engine that Amnesia The Dark Descent uses.
I’ve heard of and downloaded Lilac Soul’s NWN Script Generator before its on my older computer not on my new one yet and I have recently found a document that explains operators and overall how to generally use the scripting language that NWN uses which I learned was either C# or C++ I got it from that Wiki Open Books thing but I still could look into these links you posted to me to see if there is stuff I missed.

As a quick skim through of the links provided there does seem to be some things I missed and apparently the script generator has been updated and the others are documentation so I downloaded them all, and created a pdf of the forums post with the chrome in-built pdf creator I may use some of the downloaded items linked to me if they can fit my purpose which I assume they will or at least help to.
But I would still appreciate a 1 on 1 or multiple people consultation on the scripts I create or modify because if I’m going to eventually post this module then I want it to work perfectly or at least have very little bugs, and again I am going to emphasize discord, instead of anytime I have an issue and can nail it down posting the script on here and waiting a day or two before there are replies, of coarse I know all of you have your own lives and can’t just be 24hr tech support but in real time would be very helpful. I assume there is already a discord room for this but I just started using discord like as of a week or 2 ago so I’m not sure.

It’s T a rot.


Oh, sorry Lol, I was typing quickly as you can see from my 3 posts in a row I just did a quick glance and the website didn’t show it was wrong because it was a user name. No disrespect.

I should however bring this back to scripting I kinda turned it into a chat room there so next post will be about scripting again.

I’m curious to see if you’ve tested the scripts I provided, and if you have improved upon them
to make them more the way you wanted.

I know you would prefer Discord or something like that, and getting immediate support, but people here are usually quite fast with responding with help regarding scripts. There are many here on these forums that are good at scripting. If you present your scripts here and say what’s bothering you about them, if the scripts don’t do what you want, you can be sure that many will try to help you, and fast. My experience is that if you try to make them yourself, post them here, and then just point out what’s not working, many will provide fast solutions for you.

However, if you just say that you want scripts doing this and that, especially if they are complicated,
it will sometimes take longer, since then people will have to do all the work from the scratch. Just my two cents really. :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said, I frequent the NWN2 Discord channel, and I oftentimes get faster response to problems here than on Discord. It may depend on where you live though. They are just as friendly there as here in any case.What I’ve also found is that the NWN2 Discord channel is heavily aimed at PWs and I make single player modules so…anyway…

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I haven’t really tested said scripts yet because I will save using any of these scripts to when as I said record me creating the module and the testing which will only be on Saturdays, I don’t know if any of you would be interested in it though watching it that is so you could point out if I’m creating the script inefficiently, if you are just ask and I’ll post the link to the videos if I can or at least where any of you can find them, I’m only doing this stuff when I record that is the only way I can keep myself working on one module or I’ll fall into my old routine of creating module after module just off an idea that pops in my head, and never finishing any of them.

Also note on the NWN2 Discord channel I typed it into discord to search for channels and I can’t find it, I guess it needs to be an exact name, I even typed “NWN2 Discord channel” no quotes, and nothing popped up. However I could just be typing it wrong since I’m new to discord.

Since you work with NWN1 it would be odd for you to be on the NWN2 channel anyway.

Here are all the links:

Thank you. I made a pdf of them and I’ll take an in depth look at them later.

Ok so I’m working on the module now and how can I make it so say if I have a pot of acid in the inventory if a player walks up to a door, the door gets destroyed with a specifically tagged item like say “StrongAcidPot” with a message after the door gets destroyed saying something like, “The acid destroys the door effortlessly.” with say an effect like an acid cloud or something, kind of like when the stink beetle stinks it puts off an effect and dazes you but I want a smaller effect like say melfs acid arrow or something to happen on the door then destroy it then say the message. Also after I want the tagged item to be destroyed or changed into another item.

I think you would be able to make this script on your own with the Lilac Soul’s Script Generator. Try it.

I tryed to make a script like this:
void main()
if(!HasItem(GetPCSpeaker(), “AcidFilledJar”))
return FALSE;
effect eTeleport = EffectVisualEffect(VFX_FNF_GAS_EXPLOSION_ACID);
ActionDoCommand(ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eTeleport, GetTag(“Rusty_Jail_Door”)));
FloatingTextStringOnCreature(“The acid destroys the door effortlessly.”, GetPCSpeaker(), FALSE);
So I tryed to combined the auto generated item check script with some other expressions.

Also note I placed this on a doors onFailToOpen script section.