I need more hack'n'slash content for this game

Scattered bored thoughts:

I believe I have played most of the “playable” modules downloadable from this site.
Obviously my requirements depend on my tastes.
I love HnS and those adventures where you have to look for things, or solve puzzles or those with particular gameplay like survival or defense.
I don’t like those where you speak too much, and too complicated, for obvious reasons of understanding the text in a foreign language.

I can’t get away from this game, in recent years I have found the video game scene incredibly poor.
The last two decent games I’ve played are Dark Souls and The Witcher.
Otherwise games that I didn’t even want to finish, and I usually consume video games before I stop playing them.
See NWN2, which after 20 years still has things to give.

I have produced three modules, uploaded to this site: my own version of Dark Souls 3, a “simulator” that literally allows you to build and manage your own fantasy city, and a single player arena, on which I am still doing some tweaking.

Every now and then I think I might do my NWN2 version of that Monster Hunter World shit, so … just to get a smart version of that game. But doing the areas is a really long job and I get bored quickly.

No more talking about playing online now: The server managers are all retarded, and the game has so many changes that it is practically another game. Sorry, but if I wanted to play another game, I would buy myself another game.

You can see I’ve been on vacation from the office for at least two weeks, huh?

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It’s called story. Every RPG is required to have that.

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Sure, and what would your native language be?
I didn’t write that adventures don’t have to have a story.
I meant that this story, however, does not have to be told through complicated walls of infinite text.
Because I, who am not a native English speaker, cannot read walls of text.
And I would probably break my balls even if they were written in my language, because if I’m here on NWN2 it’s because I want to play a video game, otherwise I was reading a book.

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Sean_Maxhell… You just posted some questions on one of my mods, Bad Habits, and after reading what you just wrote I’m sorry to say but I think you should avoid it as it’s full of dialogue and story etc. so you could have a problem enjoying it. All my mods are full of talking and are more like a story where you get to kill things.


Doesn’t matter what my native language is, except that it’s not English. And I’m still just fine.

And stories are told through interaction with other individuals and events happening, events that aren’t just slash and kill because this isn’t Call Of Duty, something that seems more tailored to your tastes since you obviously don’t care about big pictures and just wanna kill stuff.

I don’t like arguing with people like you.
You can’t understand how much I hate people like you, and how much I consider them the bane of this game, which took away the desire and the taste of playing online.
Could you kindly quit my thread and go spoil the fun of a video game for someone else?

I get your point and also that English isn’t your first language ( I couldn’t even start to play and understand one in anything other than English so I’m not about to get onto folk) but even in my short time playing this game I have come to realise that one of its appeals is that it caters for all sorts of different views on gameplay.

My own pet hate is completing a quest and having to run back 6 areas to get my reward - closely followed by miles of tunnels ! However, it’s probably better to use the word “hate” about modules with too much storyline than talking about “hating” a person for their views or else we’ll all descend into name calling.

To me, the point of starting a thread is to get responses, isn’t it?

PS. Agree with you on the Witcher games. Superb !

I shall say this only once. Stop the bickering. Keep it calm and polite or this thread will be closed down and if this friendly warning is ignored other measures may also be needed to be taken.

TR (with my moderator hat on)