I need to know what feat is that

I was just trying to add all feats in my char for fun, but now every character around me (including myself) have to pass a fortitude test every time to don’t receive a magical damage. This sucks because resting gets interrupted and talking to npcs always is cancelled.
I tried to identify by the feats list, but the list is long enough to make the process too slow to do, and I wasn’t able to find it
Does anyone knows what feat is causing that?

why don’t you just go back to an earlier save or start the game ?
none of the skills fit the description(im think its bad string ref-
it can cause bug or crash game)

It’s very irresponsible.
because it takes your and other people’s time, and everyone’s time is a finite and valuable resource. And you are not immortal.
next time, please don’t dig a deep hole and jump into it.
just use your common mind.

to be honest, I have no idea what you are, and where you added them if you added them through the console( DebugMode) it one sityation
you can try to remove skills by sorting through the console i
To remove a feat, type “removefeat #” (without quotations, and replace # with a number from 0-2255).
the simplest thing is to start the game again. Instead of trying to fish out skills, it’s probably much faster than looking for the wrong skill.

if you edited 2da files and you dont have original file - its different sityation-i can send you 2da files if you use gog version or you can ask others users.

Cause I haven’t noticed that until I finish to do all the feats, and it takes a lot of time via commands.

If you don’t have the time to spend with this, just ignore it, no need to teach me how to be responsible with a game… I was just trying to have some fun, but if this is a problem for you, sorry.

I’ve just added all feats one by one via console, and I don’t have any mods installed.
Remove feats until find them are a real solution, but it takes time, and like you said, no one’s time is infinite. I’ve asked here because I thought that maybe someone knows what happened and knows what feat is the problem, if I don’t find the solution, I will need to remake the process, sadly.
Again, sorry to bother you and spend your precious time.
If I discover what’s the problem, I update here for the next irresponsible like me.

I wrote this because it looked exclusively very strange.
sort of like something incomprehensible and trifling.

I’m sorry if that sounded too harsh.
I’m just for real things - instead of being thrown around by time.
just always try to describe the problem as clearly as possible. so others users can really help you.I have already written you everything I know. I’m wish you Good luck in your search.

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Ok, lucky I’ve found it quickly. It’s the feat “Drowned Aura [2136]”. This feat don`t have description, but its the reason.
I’ve found that its effect is: everyone must pass in a fortitude test to dont get hit by a magical damage.