I think it's time for an updated guide on everything modeling for nwn2

I’m really trying to learn how to model for nwn2…

I don’t know about you, but every guide I find on modeling for nwn2 is outdated and no longer helps. I’m talking importing, exporting, what software to use, what all the terminology means, making an example model, placeables, weapons, creatures, armor, skeletons, the whole lot of it. The only real way to get that info is by talking to people who already know it (which is very little). If we want to keep modeling custom content alive in nwn2 I think this would be a good move.

Whever you ask questions about it, there’s generally a reply like “check out this guide” and when you go to it, you find it’s several years old and outdated, and doesn’t actually cover what you asked originally. Half the links listed on the guides here are broken.

Also, does anyone have a copy of Grinning Fools UI guide? everything I click on with that just 404s.


I don’t know the Grinning fool UI Guide, but you can browse (most of) his UI reference using the internet archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20131231174735/http://www.nwn2source.net/docs/ui/reference/

But you won’t get much information here, as it’s just a compilation of how the UI elements/properties/functions are used on the stock game, and most UI functions are hardcoded for one single use case.
The best place to learn UI tricks is probably oeiprogrammer.blogspot.fr

Also you can join the discord / IRC to get some help. I’ve written many UIs, but I never had the courage to write a guide

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