I will gladly compensate someone if they want to design some creature models for me

So after trying to find some very specific documentation (not the one on the university page) on how to get into 3d creature modeling ive given up.

Ive tried it on my own, ive ended with failures, and my system is incapable of being able to design these models, and it is beyond my understanding.

I can do 3d modeling in general just fine, but nothing as complex as rigging so i will not bother even trying.

If someone wants to help me get these models converted I will gladly compensate you for the efforts, you are welcome to reach out to me via here, or on the vault by pm (Username: Wall3t) or via my email @ kb33chler@gmail.com as the how to’s and how much.

The models are listed below:


I’ve gone onto the search and went as far back as 1 year and 9 months and counting. so far I’m not turning anything up yet. if anyone has any clue what I’m referring to id absolutely appreciate the help in providing a link.

If it hel[s i’m looking for documentation on how to export and create creature models from places like this : [The Models Resource.com](https://www.models-resource.com/page-35/)

Custom content guide v 3.0 - one of the files from the link you gave, has a chapter on creating custom creature.

hey thanks for replying!

Now yes It does, but its not the one i’m looking for.

The one in particular had images of what looked like cartoonish (or w.o.w styllization) of something that shemsu heru would often put in his own work, but i dont think it was they who submited it.

i’m trying to find it in particular as its a more up to date documentation of creature modeling

well i suppose my jourmey into creature modeling will have to end and resort to another tactic…

If anyone wants to help design a few 3d models for me i will gladly compensate you for them. iw ill also be changing the title to reflect this new image.

I’ve re edited the links down to just one as i would consider this model the primary for the game project.

If it helps at all what I was searching for was a witch (Ultimecia is perfect for this) that would best fit for a evil villain in the gameworld. Intended as an end game boss but also as a player antagonist that threatens them throughout there time in the world itself.

So I got someone to help me out, and created a new model just for my project. I indeed compensated them for the work, and it turned out absolutely amazing!

The primary purpose of this post is to let people know that if you want to make 3d model’s for me I will always compensate you for the work and you’re always welcome to reach out to me anytime.

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