Icewind Dale II Project


I am working on Icewind Dale II in NwN2 toolset. At this moment I have fully completed prologue and Chapter I (shaengarde). I will try upload some pics and write about progress. I think I can complete that in 1 year (or maybe less, maybe more…). I think when I’ll done all places I will need some assistance. I can deal solo with: Conversations, items, Triggers (like monsters etc), write all quests … but I think its beyond me to connect all quests, cut in parts chapters to make campaign. So… I want to only ask: Is there any person that will in future done last part? All files will be in module. It will need only help with connections and polishing :slight_smile:


I’d make it a campaign now, rather than waiting until the end. Have you looked at Sunjammer’s World Map Guide? You might find that helpful.


Yes, I could help you with that :slightly_smiling_face:


Rjshae, thanks for advice :slight_smile: . I’ll look at that and learn how to deal with campaign.
Aqvilinus, great! Thanks for initiative :smiley: . You have to wait unitl I done my part ^ ^. Well,… Uncle Oswald will inform you and others about progress


I never played 2 so I would not be much help.


I’ll upload some pics tommorow. Until then, happy new year friends :wink:


There will be more terrain texturing and more placeables. Demo review:


Awesome stuff. Would love to see this IWD2 for NWN2.

Perhaps an idea might be to release each chapter as a module, instead of waiting for the completion of all the chapters? Like Snowdive did with his Icewind Dale conversion. Such subsequent releases might garner more interest and help your way.


I been thinking about that idea Deserk, but i think better way to keep things up is to realese full version. Most difficult things (and time consuming) is scripting and quest connection. Rest is simple but it needs from me a lot of cheking does it works hah.
Another thing that is time consuming is playing game like beta-tester… makes me feel bored as hell.
Ofcourse terrains, etc wont be exacly what they are on Iwd2 map. I would like to keep NwN2 game environment anyway, it just fit to engine :slight_smile: .
Another spoiler: I want to add some minor supplements to that project, more like easter eggs. Like: you found something on the way to xxx. Maybe some Npc that player could talk but nothing game breaking. Minor quests if I will find place for them to fit.
If I succeed on Iwd2, I will try make Heart of Fury game difficulty. Just like in original, for players that looking for more challenge.
And last thing: after eng version, I’ll copy-paste language and voices to game in my language as a second version. We have fully voiced game version in Poland :wink:


I am no help whatsoever where the toolset is concerned but if you need help playtesting or want to bounce ideas around I can help.


I had a little break from creating. I have idea about world map. I am thinking about world map like in SoZ. More interactive with player and easier to do while working on the campaign. What you thinking?