Icons not showing ingame

I had a weird thing happen just now. I have three custom items where I can clearly see the icons for those items in the toolset, but ingame they are missing. What could be the reason?

  • the 2da is set for the toolset but not your module/campaign

  • the icons are in a directory only for the toolset.

I myself have the icons in game but not in the toolset.

The nwn2_icons.2DA is in my campaign folder. I even checked that the entries, names of the icons, were there. Maybe there’s some sort of conflict with two 2das again…hmmm…

I managed to solve it. For some reason I had forgot to add the hak with those icon tga files to the current module I was working in for the campaign. The strange part is that I think I should not have have been able to see the icons in the toolset either, but I did anyway.

You could see them in the toolset beceause you loaded them before from an other mod.

If the toolset isn’t closed its memory isn’t reset when you open an other module.