Ideas on how to edit 'blinding speed' feat?


i’d like to edit this feat so it gives a movement speed increase greater than just haste. I cannot get it to work, whats weird is if i apply the movement speed increase to monks, it gives almost DM like speed, even if the monk is only level 3…

That’s because there is a movement speed cap if the player isn’t Monk and haste is enought to reach this cap.

ok, so much for that.

If you want to make the feat worth its cost and investment, you may increase the duration and uses per day. Food for thought.

You could try modifying haste so that it only gives +4 to the AC, while to get a +50% speed increase and one more attack per round, it would be necessary to take blind speed feat.
I fully realize that the impact of such a change would be enormous on both the pve and pvp sides. It’s up to you to decide.

You could define a custom speed in creaturespeed.2da.

This works well. It can be assigned to creatures in the toolset or appearance.2da. For players, you could change their appearance to one identical in every way except speed.

i removed the haste effect and added +1 apr with a 2 minute duration. it’s too bad about that cap for non monks though ugh.