Idle Animations & Body Node head

I’ve asked about one of these on Discord with no results, so will try here.

  1. Is there a way to remove or change PC and NPC idle animations? I’ve installed Nen’s dll and it just doesn’t work (on 3 different pc’s now). I can do it with tag based scripting, but I usually have my own scripts in those slots so I don’t have any to spare. Thanks for any advice provided.

  2. I have beam animations that I would prefer to use body node head, instead of hand, but hand seems to be the permanent choice for all item use actions??? Does anyone know a way to use head (even body!!!), instead of hand?

  1. You’ll need to put the p_ * _idle.gr2 file in your override folder (the one in “My Documents”). If you don’t see any changes, the likely reasons are:
    a) there’s a conflict in your override, and an idle animation with a longer path takes precedence
    b) another idle animation is in a hak file
    c) the race of your PC/NPC doesn’t have the new idle (p_hh? for human, elf and half-elf, p_oo? for half-orc, p_dd? for dwarf, p_gg? for gnomes where ? is either m for male or f for female characters)
    d) the equipment of your PC/NPC doesn’t match (the * _ in p*_idle not only covers the race, as in c) above, but also the gear: _una for unarmed, 1hS for one sword/dagger/club/etc…, d2h for two-handed sword, O2hS or O2hT for polearms (slashing or thrusting actions) etc…

Typically, if you use a human male paladin with a long sword and a shield, you should have a p_hhm_1hSS_idle.gr2 file in the override, and no other in a subfolder or in a hak.

  1. Untested, but I see in spells.2da the ACTIVATE_ITEM (line #386) is defined with “hand” in the ConjAnim column. Maybe put “head” there instead? But obviously if that works it will change all the animations run through “use item”.
    Don’t forget line #413 (ACTIVATE_ITEM_SELF), 428 (ACTIVATE_ITEM_SELF2), 697 (ACTIVATE_ITEM_L) and 795 (ACTIVATE_ITEM_T) as well. I don’t think the other ACTIVATE_ITEM lines are relevant in this case.

Again, this is just me wondering if changing “hand” in spells.2da will do the trick. NWN2 is known for having some hard-coded values although they are set in various 2da. Besides, beam animations are defined in .sef files aren’t they? Maybe changing spells.2da won’t work, or is not sufficient, because the special effects have to be modified accordingly.


Thanks! You are correct I only have the UNA (though it is in override, and the main problem I am having is with unarmed pc’s and npc’s). Additionally I do have a great number of haks, so I can create a clean environ to test if the una and the other modified versions you mentioned are working. I also have looked at the 2da’s and changed the hand to body and head (just to see if it worked), and casting continued to use hand, so it would be preferable if it is controlled by the effect, as that would allow for variety; (changing the node in the script doesn’t work either).
I think your answer for #1 is a solve, much appreciated, and I will
look at the .sef files, (though I have 0 experience doing anything but copying them), to see if I can manipulate the node there.