If I want to create / share CC in the vault, does it matter at what lines in the 2da file I begin? What should I do?


I want to try my hand at making some placables, and I wondered does it matter at what lines I add my CC to the 2da file before i make it into haks? I only want to use the vault, but not Steam workshop

Some more thoughts… what if I make single upload (just 1 object), and next time I make 3 objects.

And I start at line 6000-7000, if I start at line 6000 for my first upload, does it mean I should use 6001,6002,6003 for my second upload?

I know that other people also use these lines, will there be problems. I hope someone can enlighten me a bit what would be the right thing to do!

Thank you :slight_smile:

What I’ve always done, over the years, is to release Haks with 2da entries listed in blocks - I usually release lots of stuff together - so that the lines are easily located. But I never bother about which lines I use, just so long as they’re blank ones. Obviously.

Almost everybody using CC from the Vault adds it to their own Haks and therefore has to transplant the 2da lines from our Haks (we, the CC creators that is) into their own. Anybody capable of doing that is also capable of renumbering them.

Trust me, an awful lot of renumbering of 2da lines goes on.

So far as I know, there’s never really been any fixed convention on 2da lines that we all divide up and share out. So, it probably doesn’t matter which you use. After all these years, short of going to line two million or something mad like that, somebody, some time, will likely have already used any lines you care to try.
Go with what works for yourself. If you want all of your own content to be able to be used together, keep adding, as you suggested, in subsequent lines in each release.

Failing that, just hit the 2da file with a Big Brick.


This explains A LOT and makes perfectly sense!

The people who actually intend to use CC for building/servers, are going to open the hak found from vault, and export the files into their own custom hak and their placeables.2da (or any 2da) will be numbered differently. So they will add the line with a different entry number regardless, thus making the number (6000-7000) what I thought was important - completely not that important after all!

Thank you for explaining this to me :slight_smile:


What @PLUSH_HYENA_of_DOOM said.

The one thing I check is the CEP2 2da files for reserved lines.

When making content, any block of lines will do, but when making consolidated 2da files for modules, it pays to avoid lines that will be used by future CEP, PRC or whatever.

Once 2da references are embedded in a module, it’s a real pain to renumber them if they clash with a new release of CEP etc.