If You Were Crazy Enough

So are you crazy enough to follow Trent’s call for a community version of the OC, what tilesets would you use for the prelude?


Did he do that? Good for him. That’s especially interesting because it’s precisely what I suggested on the BD Forums a couple of weeks ago when the latest call for this came through. If people want an OC remake, that’s the way to get it.

I’m not that “crazy” myself, though, no. I only played the OC once and don’t even remember it particularly well. I’d guess that Zwerkules’ “facelift” haks would probably be good choices to minimize the amount of re-building needed. I tested the Forest hak recently and it’s pretty good. (Sorry, I don’t remember if there were forests in the prelude.)

After my recent experience I wouldn’t recommend NWNCQ, unless it went through a major update. It turns out that the toolset errors I’ve started getting recently are due to bad tiles in it. If I had a good alternative to the Ruins and Underdark sets I’d consider removing it from Sanctum altogether.

The prelude mainly appears to use the castle interior tileset. It also has one area that uses the barn interior group.

More than any other single submission, it was [shudders] NWNCQ that turned me off overrides for life. However, have you thought of contacting @Proleric about those bad tiles. He’s recently fixed such things in 2 other tilesets.


@Tarot_Redhand I’ve been following @Andarian 's tileset issue with interest, but it sounds like a new problem, affecting the toolset. The ones dealt with here were crashes on area load in game.