If you were starting a new project, would you start in EE?

I’m returning to begin a new project, this time focusing more on Single Player rather than on a PW.

That being said, seeing that I won’t have to convert anything (modules, playerbase etc), would I just be better off starting this next project on EE?

I would make a test conversation first. There is a bug that apparently doesn’t affect everybody. Unfortunately I am one of those affected. See this thread over on the BD forums. Once that bug is fixed, I’d say go with EE but it really depends. If you make it on 1.69 then everyone should be able to play your module. However if you make it with EE, while only those with EE will be able to play it you will gain access to the new scripts and bug fixes. So the choice is yours.


Unless you plan to use one of the EE specific features such as object transforming then if you are building single player then forget about NWN:EE.

You can build under 1.69 and that will make your module compatible to both. Building under EE will unneccessarily make your module only playable for those with NWN:EE.


I’d ultimately like to build for single player / small coop using nwnx, as nwnx offers way too many goodies to ignore even in a single player context. Seems like EE doesn’t even have access to most of the nwnx plugins that I need (nwnx_cool / nwnx_areas etc…)

I remember the engine going completely unstable when my old PW reached 300 areas, and the only solution was ripping out all the areas and creating them on demand using nwnx_areas, no way in hell am I going through that 14 hour conversion again.

Then you can forget something like NWN:EE exists. It doesn’t support nwnx for singleplayer and the nwnx for windows = linux in VM = no support.

Though just to be clear, nwnx doesn’t work for singleplayer. In singleplayer you need NWNCX and the only plugin that gives new features to builders is nwncx_patch

On the other hand nwnx_areas is now built in inside NWN:EE. I think all the features without bugs are there.

My plan was to include the relevant nwnx plugins with my MOD, and instruct players to host their own private nwnx servers to play the mod properly. I’m not sure if that’s something that has been done, but I’m hoping people are willing to do it.

As for areas-like functions being built in EE, that’s actually quite a surprise if I’m being honest. It’s nice to see that they’ve also fixed some of the more annoying things like 255 spell crash, the polymorph crashes, and whatever “removed numerous hacking methods from code base” means.

well it would be stupid if they didnt fix bugs that I managed to fix in my nwnx_patch plugin :wink:

I’ll definitely be using your patch this time around, the only reason I didn’t before is because I was already several hundred hours in, had already fixed many things, and didn’t want compatibility issues.

Not having to go back and fix all that small stuff like the crafting menu dupes and whatnot will be really nice as well! Thanks for linking to these plugins, definitely will be using them.

btw that plugin works standalone and fixes most engine issues (but NWN:EE is bit farther in this, it provides some PW optimalization improvements and fixes to very specific multiplayer-only issues)

Yes, but I would take my time right now since EE is still clearly being worked on. I set my arbitrary boundary at the release of 64-bit. Once that’s released, I’m switching to using EE.