Ignoramus Asks Silly Question

This may be a very silly idea. My only excuse for this is that I have only ever made stuff for NwN and not NwN2. This means I may occasionally ask some intrinsically silly questions. Like for example -

Just how different are NwN and NwN2 Armours (excluding helmets for this discussion)? I’m not talking about the model formats or the armour appearance. I am asking about how it all fits together in game. Do they have roughly the same bits? The reason I ask is that having observed the Humanify (I think that is what they are called) projects a thought struck me. So here comes the reason for this thread.

Is the following possible? You take your NwN2 armour and load it into 3dsmax/gmax/blender and save it in NwN format. Then use this (NWNArmory 1.2 (with source code)) to make a whole bunch of different scaled armours. Load these into your modelling program and re-save as NwN2 models. You are now free to make whatever small modifications you need to fully adapt them to work properly in NwN2.

Probably a crazy idea but I thought I’d throw it out there on the off chance that it might just work and save a lot of work for the people in here.


well i don’t know *** about modelling but nwn2 armors can’t be dyed IG like nwn1. so there must be something intrinsically different.

I’ve seen a bunch of the stock #include code about armor/weapon model-parts and … it aint gonna work.

Charlie’s Item Appearance Changer, for example, works by having its own stock of UTIs of variously pre-colored equippable items.

/happy to hear from a modeller, tho.

Having made several hundered prefab NPCs for NWN2 I know the armor inside and out.

The main difference is, that NWN2 armor & clothing comes as a complete suit (except for helmets, gloves and shoes) plus a selection of bracers, greaves and pauldrons (same slots as NWN plus ellbow and kneecaps) to add on top. In vanilla NWN 2 most armor/clothing can be tinted though not grouped into leather/cloth/metal like NWN but slot by slot in 3 different areas each(Screenshot from one of my uploads: https://neverwintervault.org/sites/neverwintervault.org/files/project/10249/images/1193396445fullres.jpg).

So essentially all the NWN2 armor has to take the “robe” slot in NWN - which should work nicely since robes also leave the helmet and shoe slots empty while overriding most other body parts. How the tinting would translate, i have no idea though.

EDIT: Personally I would love to have them at my disposal in NWN :smiley:
EDIT2: It would work nicely for NWN2 robes and clothing but it would get complicated for NWN2 plate armor since they look very bland without all the greaves and bracers and combining some 13+ additional parts to the base armor “suit” before exporting sounds very challenging to me.
EDIT3: I also forgot, that many clothing and armor “suits” have not only different models for gender but also for race (especially when it comes to half-orcs) so there is plenty to rip.