Im just testing my WIP PW, Terth tonight

I’m playtesting my PW if anyone wants to mess around with me in it. No HAKS, look in the EE gamespy server is o0 ROLEPLAY 0o module is Terth no password - its just got basic stuff in it right now but you can have a newbie adventure - bleeding script, death system, custom treasure, some basic merchants, custom loot drops and custom loot as well as herbs you can pick, pits you can descend, random trap spawns, and an actual backstory. There are five base newbie areas planned but at the moment the only one with adventures to it is Aquitane Keep. That having been said, there is enough content there at the time of this posting to keep a group of players going to sixth or seventh level, maybe more: smugglers, the usual vermin, the undead remains of past swashbucklers, and of course, goblinoids.

Im particularily proud of my death system. It gets real spooky if youre of evil alignment. Also, goblins are hardcore nasty in my setting and people hate half-orcs.

If anyone is interested in helping me playtest or running around in little DM’d adventures, that is also very cool with me.

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I’ve been expanding on my world as usual. I took down my old PW project page on the vault and replaced it with Terth. Terth will have scraps from the old one anyway and its core design is basically an efficient overhaul of the old one without any HAKs in it.