I'm trying to got a model into my custom monster

I downloaded a mod which added an efreet, and the model won’t load on any other module then the module it can with. I want to use it elsewhere, and I tried adding it to my palette but the toolset just crashes.

I’m not sure which mod you tried - a link would help. Personally, I use Shemsu-Heru’s Efreeti from the CCC.

The Custom Content Guide explains how to introduce a new creature to your module. If that doesn’t help, perhaps you could give more detail about what you’ve tried so far.

Do you know how I put modded monsters on my modules? Also thanks.

I’m can seem to access Hak files in the Toolset, and the PDF doesn’t explain how to actually get the model in the game or how to use modded creatures. I have the stats for the efreet, just not the custom model.

Are you asking how to add a hak to a module?

Edit > Module Properties > Custom Content

Select the hak then Add.

The Efreeti model should then be available in the Appearance dropdown in the creature properties.

The strange thing is that it’s not, and everytime I click on Custom Content. I can’t add anything.

What is in the dropdown next to the Add button?

That should be a complete list of your hak subfolder. Select one, then Add.

See manual.