Importing data from nwntoolset to nwnee toolset

Can I move my nwn toolset data to nwnee toolset not sure I know how or if its possible.

If you mean the toolset configuration, the file in question is nwtoolset.ini.

The EE version probably contains some new stuff, so I’d advise backing it up, then using a text editor to compare line by line with the old version, tweaking values as necessary. Or you could just overwrite it with the old version and see what happens (not recommended).

If you mean all custom game data, you can copy the subfolders from the old installation (which defaults to the nwn folder under Windows) to the EE installation (which defaults to Documents>Neverwinter Nights under Win10). Or, you can edit nwn.ini in the EE installation to tell the game to look for files in the old location.

Ok thank you for all your help