Importing items from other modules

I just finished The Aielund Saga and I am lothe to part with my hard-won loot. I fired up NWN Explorer and exported some UTI files from the final chapter of the mod (the .mod files). I then put the UTI files into override in the documents folder, but the items do not properly display. What am I doing wrong?

Also, the version of The Aielund Saga that I am playing is from the community content panel in NWN:EE. I can’t find the mod files for that and I have no idea where it is stored (although I suspect it is encrypted within the nsync folder).

Can anyone help me?

The UTI -Files are not enough. Every custom Item has at last one Bitmap (iit_*) for display in an inventory and maybe a 3d - model file which is used if the item is lying on the ground. If it’s a complex item (such as a weapon) things are a bit more complicated …

Say, which iten do you want?

Copying files is not needed if the purpose is to keep them on your character for next adventures. Unless it requires custom model/image only available in that module…

But if all you want to do is to continue with this character and its equipment in other SP modules all you need is to Export Character.

I believe some of the models for the items are CEP based, which complicates things. I’ll give up. I don’t think there is any simple way to do it.

In the UTI for the items, you will need to find the BaseItem type which will give you the line number in baseitems.2da. From baseitems.2da, you can then get the mdl type. Then, going back to the UTI, you’ll see various numbers for ModelPart which will give you the mdl number. Clothing/Armor is more involved because you’ll be looking at a list of ArmorParts that use models with a prefix defined by your character’s race/sex.

Once you identify the models, you’ll need to make sure that the model range in baseitems.2da covers them - CEP changed all the MDL ranges to 255 - and put the mdl files (and their textures) in the /override folder.

Yes, it is complex but not impossible.

Are the items weapons and armor, or unique items with scripts attached to them? Do you want the items to look the same way they did in Aielund, or just keep the stats on them? If it’s just weapons or armor items with good stats, you could export your character like Shadooow said, import it into the new module (provided there is no item strip), then use Kamiryn’s Customize Character Override Hak (CCOH) to change the look of the items to something the new module recognizes.

You could also use the chest in Pretty Good Character Creator (PGC3) to transfer items between characters, e.g. if you want to start a new module with a fresh lvl 1 character but keep the items.

Weapons, armor and wondrous magic items. I have no issues bringing in the items into other modules, whether through an exported character or with new characters, the issue is that the items do not display properly. Armors are either invisible or borked, and weapons default to their base item appearance.

I want them to look the same way as they appeared in Aielund. However, the costs of doing it may exceed the benefits.

Thanks. This is what I needed to know. I will just give up, I think. The effort exceeds the reward.