Importing Persistent World classes into local campaign?

I like the custom races, classes, feats and spells that I’ve seen and experienced in Persistent Worlds.
How do I import them into my local (offline) NWN2 campaigns (OC, MotB, etc)?
I’m somewhat familiar with the typical modding tools for NWN2, but not proficient enough to figure this out on my own.

I’ve noticed when connecting to Persistent Worlds that a number of PW specific hak files are downloaded into my game directory, and they seem to follow naming conventions that are at least “indicative” that they contain the information I’d need to make it happen.
Opening them up with the NWN2Packer shows that the custom models, the class, spell, feat, racial and sub-race 2da files all seem to be there.

Do I just dump out all the files into the appropriate folders inside my override directory and boom, Persistent World races, classes, feats, and spells are now mine?
Are there additional steps to take in order for it to work?

I’ve asked this on a couple of Persistent World forums, but I’ve been told “No, it can’t be done, all the scripting stuff for custom races, feats, spells and stuff is stored on the server, and we won’t give you that.”

Honestly I’m not sure this is actually true, because I’ve installed custom content into NWN2 before and it looks like the PW hak files have the necessary scripting already included.

Has anyone ever done this? Am I on the right patch by cracking open the haks and sorting the files into their relevant folders in the override directory?

The hak files generally should only contain those parts of custom content which are strictly necessary on the Client-side for rendering and managing the assets.

If any PW has included any scripts, specific server-side area files, and other server-side assets into the hak files - this is a question for the PW regarding whether they know what they are doing.

In other words it’s possible that some PW has included all necessary files for achieving the aforementioned goal, but it should not be the case if the said PW has done everything right.

Now, stuffing everything from haks into the override is only a part of the job, as in the general case when server-side assets are not included, they would need to be reproduced (scripts in our case), which is a whole different story. Otherwise you will see classes, custom buttons, custom feats. But they will not work.

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