Importing .wav or .mp3?

Sorry guys. Ive been on a 20 year hiatus from any kind of scripting, so be gentle.
how do i import custom voice recordings into the toolset. oh, and a little help/nudge/example of a script calling the sound file to nplay would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’m not the expert on this but having just done that today I can say what I did.

  1. Record the line in Audacity or some other audio program. Needs to be 44khz, mono, 16 bit WAV file ( I think).
  2. If in Audacity I’d recommend using the “Normalise effect on it to push it up to max volume before distortion.
  3. Put the sound file into a hak using Nwhak and save it into hak folder.
  4. In game go to sound wizard and go through it adding your sound.
  5. Once this is done you can add your sound quite easily to a conversation.
  6. Click on the line of conversation you wish to voice go to the “Other Actions” tab and select your sound from the play sounds pull down menu.
  7. Save conversation and game and you’re sorted.
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Thanks a bunch. I’ll give this a whirl and see how it goes.

You might also want to grab these original Bioware pdf tutorials too (includes both a music and a sound tutorial). I think wav files need to be in mono.


Great. Thanks guys. Not only has it been 20 years away from scripting of any kind, but 20 years away from Neverwinter as well.
Good to see that it has endured as well as it has…

wow, this is awesome. i just ran into a problem with making new ambient noises for my steampunk project, and i just so happen to see this pop up. talk about timing!