In Need of Role-playing peoples, EE PW server

The PW is Argentum Regio , and it is found in NWN:EE. I believe it still has the old NWN version running too, but … meh , EE is the way to go.
It’s still in Beta , but don’t let that fool you at all … “beta” stage is actually listening and implementing ideas, and smoothing out the rough edges of an already DRASTICALLY different, but great server!

There are sooooooo MANY features, I couldn’t begin to list them all.
Secrets are plentiful and abound in the Custom Realm.

Now here’s the kicker … it’s more like Pen and Paper style , than it is a Videogame MMo …
There are systems upon custom systems included in the server. Subraces, some need Dm approval … but for good reasons, and the main DM Oda, he’s nice and would let anyone try anything I bet.

Characters can customize looks . They can also climb, jump, swim , swing on rope-to-rope crossing … get literally “painted” by paint splatter traps , … find the right stuff, you can FLY … over ravines, turn into a pixie and you can fly right through doors with bars on them, or if you are small enough ( like halflings) squeeze into tight places, almost no one larger can access …
City life … Rogues, you aren’t LIMITED to measily Pick Pocketing and sneak attacks … with the immersion tools, you can climb up trees, climb in windows, peek out windows ( to different areas) , literally HIDE IN A CRATE wait for guards to pass by, or merchants to go to bed. Rob em blind, then go fence your “goods” for profit and XP!

spellcasters … you get to actually SCRY , have 100s of CUSTOM spells … not nerfed NWN spells, but 100s of actual custom spells, you cast! You can research power magics, enchant items , discover lore that will lead to discoveries of more magical goodnesss than you can shake a stick at!

Now “adventuring” … there’s a bit o fa learning curve on the PW … , it’s not a “lead you by the nose” or follow the path of goblin, to bugbear, to Orcs caves … every map filled with over-powered monsters, immune to over half the crap you get by items/feats …
Sometimes, you must look … and look hard , pay attention to things … to find lairs and “dungeons” … other times, places are right under your feet.

An introductory course is included in the PW , that will basically give you the BARE Basics of the extra systems … but by FAR does not or could not cover everything! So much is left to the players to discover, and enjoy it when something finally clicks, or gets accomplished!

It’ s only "down-point right now … not enough players. Not enough players to keep what players are there now, from having to solo, and lacking role-play and interaction. Thats why I am posting this though, attempts to gain us some players!

I have several low level characters, ranging from goodies, to evils … differening classes … I will absolutely RP with anyone at any time.
I like a mix of RP along with DOING things, and just times of sitting around RP-ing as well.

Pure action junkies, aren’t going to like the server because it’ s not ALL about combat and every area set up for combat, looting, and rewarding yourself by selling it or hording it …
It is about exploration, interaction with players , expanding tales and stories … even going off Dm infused clues, hints, plots, and adventures as well.

Progression is … decent. If you stay in your level range/ECL range … things can get too “easy” for your level, and drop XP awards to 1 xp … but in that level range … hahaha, it’s good xp!

Monsters are “redone” with PnP mechaincs included. Trolls regen, thier bits you chop off regen, … fire or acid will stop it, but tally too long, another troll will “grow” from the parts.
Vampires … it isn’t enough to beat them down , you have to steak them in the heart once they are down. Or find thier coffin and destroy it. Careful though, you CAN get infected by vampirism, or Lycan diseases …
Goblins are weak … but they swarm you, hunt in large packs … kinda realistic in many ways.

Wild magic in areas, can make something like slaying a few goblins , into OMG my spell just turned it into … ???

random monster encounters in places , based off old school DnD random generation rules …
Some encounters are dependant on moon phases, some if it’ sdark or daylight, if weather is hot or cold … raining or not raining …

Plenty of inns/taverns … magical transportation, horses … all th ebells an dwistles needed to fully immerse yourself into your characters, and the realm.

Players are few, but frindly, and the best scripters, programmers, designers, and DM anyone could ever desire.

Come play on Argentum Regio with us, I especially desire more players to RP with and share the realm with as well!