In the Shadow of Darkhold v1.2

My most recent module, In the Shadow of Darkhold, has been updated. Several players reported a game-killing bug towards the end of the module. I wasn’t able to replicate the bug myself or figure out what was causing it, but I’ve added a failsafe which should hopefully resolve it.

If you played the module, couldn’t finish it, and want to give it another try, that should now be possible with v1.2. In this case thank you very much for the interest - I’m not a game designer of any kind, I’m just flailing about trying to make something playable and fun.

If you haven’t played the module and you like the sound of a short, self-contained adventure set in the Forgotten Realms, in which you take on a gang on raiders in a small halfling village where all is not as it seems - give it a try! It is a very loose sequel to my earlier module, The Lunar Shard, but can be played as a standalone adventure too.

Happy gaming.