In the Shadow of Darkhold

For anyone interested in short, self-contained modules set in Faerun, this is my announcement of my forthcoming module, In the Shadow of Darkhold.

At the edge of the Far Hills, the formerly peaceful and pleasant halfling town of Corm Orp is beset by vicious raiders, relying on the mercenaries of the Zhentarim to keep them safe. The Black Network isn’t the brutal criminal organisation it once was; it’s reinvented itself as a fair and legitimate company - hasn’t it? It depends who you ask… Into this tense situation wanders a lone adventurer in search of work.

This is my second module in the “Sword Coast Drifter” series - a very loose episodic series of adventures around western Faerun. It can be played on its own as a standalone module, or as a sequel to the first module, The Lunar Shard.

The Lunar Shard can be got here.

The new module should be available on the Vault in two to three weeks, all being well.


UPDATE: It took a little longer than I thought but the new module is now finished and available right here on the Vault!