In the toolset 80.8193.9 poor graphics! Why?

The developers have moved all the settings for the game to the new settings.tml file, but apparently not all, because the graphics in the toolset have become poor, blurry! How do I fix it? Why do the graphics settings in the toolset not match the graphics settings in the game?! WTF

OK, they created a new file for the nwtoolset.ini settings, but there are no graphics settings? Am I blind? :slight_smile:

Godammit, this is why I don’t want to update! Every new release, I find they break something!

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Didn’t really notice a graphics issue in 8193.9, making me wonder if what you’re seeing is dependent upon the GPU you are running. I have an AMD CPU/GPU and everything looks good on my rig (even hi poly stuff ripped from Project Q).

You could try updating to the latest DEV build (8193.10) and see if that fixes your issue.

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Make sure you are using the same texture as the game. Check the settings in the toolset.

Tools - Options - Area.

Texture quality should be set to 64 meg or higher.

If it is checked to use the same textures as the game, then your game is set to low quality graphics in the game’s option menu.

Options - Video Options - Texture Qualilty should be 64 meg or higher.

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Yes, indeed, not correctly as the settings of the new toolset work, by default there was a check mark “The same quality as in the game”, in the game I have everything to the maximum. I play on a Lenovo s340 15-IWL laptop with a built-in Intel® UHD Graphics 620 video chip, the game developers have confirmed full compatibility of the game with this chip. I had to remove the check mark and manually set the maximum texture quality settings. I reloaded the editor and the texture quality was restored.