Including the CEP armor models in standard crafting action?

So CEP comes with a lot of new armour and clothing models, but when I use the craft options from the radial menu to modify armour appearance, it only cycles through the vanilla looks.

I thought that’s what cep_craft.erf was for, but when imported into a module it only made the craft armor conversation unusable (it now shows a lot of “unrecognized token” and fails to impact the armor look at all.)

What am I missing (and how stupid am I)?

Sounds like you’re missing the script(s) that define the tokens. Unfortunately, I can’t be much more help as I don’t use CEP.

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I can’t be specific about crafting, but CEP scripts often need work. Some are fine, others are a good starting point, but need updating or polishing.

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IIRC the bioware crafting dialog uses des_crft_aparts.2da to determine the number of models per part and for the torso des_crft_appear.2da to determine next/previous torso model. If these files do not reflect the existing models you won’t see all models in the dialog. Another problem I think is that the dialog requires consecutive numbering of models (for parts other than torso) and mods that add armor models usually don’t have that. Also the bioware crafting dialog will always add only the four standard robes.

Don’t know why the CEP crafting dialog does not work for you. Perhaps it also needs some additional 2da files?

CCOH is much better than both so why not use that :smile: ?


I see, thank you. I’ll think about it, seems like it might be too much fiddling at this point.

I didn’t know about CCOH, thanks for drawing my attention to it. Doesn’t look like a thing that would make sense in my module but good to know it’s there.