Increase Creature's Health by Script

I’m wanting to increase a creature’s health by 10% (both max hp and also current hp).

Say for example a creature’s max hp is 100 and has taken 10 damage, so their current hp is 90.

So, the script should then set the max hp to 110 and current hp to 99.

Can someone help with this?

Not possible to do directtly without NWNX - there is no function SetMaxHitPoints, however it can be workarounded in two ways:

  1. constitution bonus
  2. temporary hitpoints (but that has lot of side effects especially on low level…)

And to do that, you want to modify creature OnSpawn scripts, almost all creatures are calling nw_c2_default9.

You can achieve this effect via this scripting package:

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Thanks! I’m also looking through this for anything that might work.