Infinite Dungeons Enhanced and old style cloaks

so I finally got EE working on some of the LAN computers in the basement and got the Infinite Dungeons Expansion. In loading some of the characters that I already had from other modules it seems like the cloaks are back to the old style from the CEP1 era. Is there something I am overlooking? I copied the haks and whatnot over from my Diamond folders.
It’s been a long time since we had these crappy cloaks…

Cep1 cloaks were never true cloaks. They were an extension of the neck appearance for armor.

You’re also loading other characters from other modules. From other modules when? How old were these modules? Unless it’s default core game, HoTU and SoU, it is highly likely you’re importing characters that were using armor that had CEP1 cloaks crafted to them. The actual cloak is an item. What happens when you equip a cloak inside of the Infinite Dungeons?

I don’t immediately see how CEP1 cloaks could show up in Infinite Dungeons. That module doesn’t include the CEP1 haks, so it doesn’t have the cloak models, either, hence imported CEP1 cloaks would be invisible.

Try clearing out the override folder, if you haven’t already.

well they are just beige cloaks rather than colors. Like they were before 1.69… I found a 48 minute walkthrough video on youtube and that player had a beige cloak throughout. I am trying to load up a clean new installation with no overrrides or transfers of any files from Diamond to see if that makes a difference.
I couldn’t seem to get an update file for the GoG version so I have to go through the Galaxy installer.
Truth is it’s been years since I got all this working on Diamond and don’t really remember the intricacies of getting it going again.

Okay, in a completely clean install using a pre-generated character the inventory screen has an icon for the old style cloak rather than the newer icon that looks just like what the character wears

to try to clarify:
the brown cloaks from the old days had a bunched up collar area and were “closed” across the from in the icon window. The newer cloaks in the icon window are open in the front showing a different color interior and exterior. I did try my Diamond install and it works like I remember it working. For that matter the new Daggerford release works fine

OK that sounds like a bug which you can report here.

Nothing to do with CEP1, though.

This is not a bug, it was always like that in Infinite Dungeons.

For old pre-1.69 modules and savegames there were tools called CloakHakker and CloakConverter. But they never worked with Infinite Dungeons module because it’s a Premium module and its files were encrypted, thus preventing any modifications.

I don’t know if they removed encryption from this module in EE, though, but I doubt so.

I did find a temporary solution. We played Hordes of the Underdark instead!