Infinite portraits

Hello fellow nwn2ees,

I wanted to share a fun little discovery I made, while working on my campaign. If you go to the below linked webpage, you can create awesome and fun portraits for characters at the drop of a hat. Tell the AI what to do and giddyup.

I’ve included an example of one (make that 2) of my recruitable companions in the campaign I’m making.

Liranthea the Druidess.

Screenshot from the toolset:

The end result:

Couldn’t help myself, sharing another one… this time a merchant Monk from Calimshan, who goes by the name Azzaka Makka’dakar



Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip. For myself, I use Stable Diffusion and Gimp nowadays for this, which, with a lot of tweaking, you get even better results (in my opinion).

A bit off topic: Also, if you don’t already use this, I highly recommend using the new custom faces that are available. Jude Inc. and Xaltar have some amazing stuff that’s available. For myself, I can’t really stand the vanilla faces anymore when doing modules for NWN2:

Xaltar’s Facelift packs:

Jude Inc. The Faces of Neverwinter Reborn (on modgames, a site in the russian language) which he has also posted on Discord:

Jude Inc.'s hairstyles (on modgames, a site in the russian language) which he has also posted on Discord :

Jude Inc.'s Facelift pack:

Rashi’s armor replacer (one of THE best modellers out there for NWN2 that I speak with from time to time on Discord. She posts both on modgames, a site in russian, and here on the vault): Новые модели брони / Armor Replacer

Hairstyles from Morgoth, another great modeller: MP Hairstyles | The Neverwinter Vault

Rashi’s TW3 outfits: Снаряжение из Ведьмака 3 / TW3 Equipment

Rashi’s hairstyles: Причёски для мужских и женских персонажей / Hairstyles for male and female characters

Even if you don’t read or speak russian (I certainly don’t), you can still download from there. You notice the google drive links quite easily.

Oh so tempting. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to add things to my module to my detriment. Do any of these require 2da files or anything?
Look great though and yeah, I haven’t bothered yet to get the increased textures overhaul either. I figured I’d do that when I’m done, as my PC isn’t the fastest.

No 2da files required for new faces or hairstyles. With armors you have to tweak the armorvisualdata.2da, but that’s an easy tweak.

I just put all the new armors, hairstyles or faces I want in the overide folder or the campaign folder. Making haks is a bit of a pain (probably because I’m a bit lazy) since if you add stuff later you have to use a hak editor like nwn2packer.

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You can just put your override in a hak when you’ve finished, not the folders the files. It saves any player having to sort out their override after playing your mod and then swapping it back in when they want to play it again. The campaign folder is a better option for the player too because it’s module specific.

If you do it before the final play test you can see if you missed or didn’t delete anything you didn’t use.

Then again it’s your choice, I actually quite like making haks, it keeps custom content in one place and all you do is drag and drop the files into the packer thing and assign the hak to the modules. You can also use multiple haks so can change things in each module and swap them about. I know I did that with mushrooms but you could swap people’s hair so long as it’s the same number.

If you want the player to be able to remove something if they don’t want it then that’s when I put bits in the campaign folder.

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Thanks for the information Tsongo and Andgalf. The new heads do look good. So if I have a character with a head number, say “255” and when I release the module, if a person doesn’t have them installed, what will happen? Would that character just revert to the generic first head?

Also the toolset takes twice as long to load up now, with those heads attached, so not sure I’ll keep them while working on it.

Thanks Tsongo, yeah I’ll do haks at the end before I release, I figure. Great tips, thanks.

The Girl is great! May I snatch it for NWN1?

That sounds really odd. I have tons of custom heads in my override. The toolset loads just fine for me.

I’m not sure. I think it will revert to a generic head. When it comes to outfits/armor though, I know that can cause real problems, so put the new heads, hair and armor in your campaign folder or a hak pak and it won’t be a problem, since then the person playing your module will have them installed.

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@Mmat - considerate of you to ask and yes, most certainly. If you like it, go for it.

@andgalf True, good idea to be safe

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Just made this one

Strenght 40%

Strenght 50%

(human, female, background forest, hair blonde, eyes blue)

It’s better but I guess I need to toy around with it a bit more. The input resolution isn’t optimal.

Any tips?

No tip just an opinion… The last portrait looks like a child, that’s a bit creepy. Like all those weird underage looking anime heads that people make for other games, it just seems very wrong to me.

If the person playing doesn’t have your head number installed then I think the character will get a generic head but be blind with no eyes. Just make a note of what heads you use and put them in the hak/ campaign folder.

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:slight_smile: It’s the young daughter of a King. I didn’t mention the age anywhere, but estimated: 16/17 …

If you’ve more feedback to my mods, you’re welcome ! :smiley:

That seems a lot better, so can you play your module as a teenage princess ? Going off on adventures and slaying hoardes is a pretty hard core initiation for someone that’s spent their life in the palace having her nails done and learning how to behave at grand balls !

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No, the teenager princess is a NPC and will fall in love (hopeless, no future) with the PC (if he is male) since he saved her from some bandits (and lifetime slavery). Female PC’s will get a handsome prince instead :slight_smile:

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Oh I though portraits are for the PC, I’ve never used them… Let’s just hope the PC isn’t some old wizard or massive hairy barbarian, that’s hard to write infatuation for or… Here’s a plot twist…

She falls in love with the PC, he tells her to go away and grow up, that he wants a real woman and it was just some sort of hero worship driven by reading too many tales about knights in shining armour in the palace library, she runs home and tells her dad what a horrible person the PC is, you now become public enemy number one and next minute you’re plotting regicide. Then the princess, who is now an orphan, leaves home and joins a gang of assassins hell bent on killing the PC and all because he did the right thing !

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For me, the character becomes invisible, and the armor accessories will make a heap at the feet.
If only the head skeleton is missing, the head will be completely deformed and have some vertices (probably eyes and lips) extending to the 0,0,0 position.


I made exhaustive use of NPC-Portraits, mainly from Screenshots.

The PC is young, but no guarantee that he isn’t a massive hairy barbarian! Lets say that even barbarians have their moments.

Nice plot idea, let’s see where I can use that! But no, in this case the PC is Rogue and Master Assassin in service of the King. Think about 007, dualwielding daggers instead of a Walther PPK. So a romance wouldn’t work, and she will accept that. But maybe I should write a new mod “The Rogues of Quinn VI - The revenge of the turned down princess”? :smiley: