INFO: optionsmenu.xml

Hi All,

A while ago, I noted that the optionsmenu.xml does not always appear to “freshly” load a game and edited it to (hopefully) reduce the issue. In testing, I thought I had reduced the problem, but testing again I noted that the latest problem I found with it is an official campaign one too.

In my testing the problem relates to the mouse … If I load a game from “fresh”, the mouse appears to work fine. i.e. When I press the middle mouse button, the cursor disappears and allows a player to look around. If, however, I then load the same load (going via a drop to Main Menu first), then the mouse cursor remains on screen even when you press the middle mouse button. The problem exists in the official campaign too. However, if you load via the Load Option on first exiting, then the mouse restores fine.

I am weighing up the best options as to which option to “disable” in my own Menu Options moving forward.

Cheers, Lance.