Initial Module Kit

When starting some modules designed as multi-player, eg D1D2 Descent, you start with some kit that is not useful for a solo player. In fact those items simply clutter up and limit your precious item space.

How do you use the toolset to make these ‘cursed’ items drop-able?

You can open the module in the Toolset and find the item and uncheck a box that makes it undroppable.

Note: Some modules use these items to store information. I would be cautious about what you delete.

Another way would be to load your saved game in multi-player and login as a DM and remove the items (this would require a second CD key though).

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Thanks for the reply, but I cannot find the item when opening the module in the toolset. .

Items used to store data are not persistent in SP mode. So if an item is storing variables used by the module, you’ll have to launch it as an MP game.

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It is probably in the Custom Items tab. Try clicking on the first category in that tab and hitting Ctrl+F, or right clicking in it and hitting Find Text. The typing in the first part of the items name. It should highlight the item you seek.

Don’t forget, you have to be in an area (I usually hit the “Starting Area” button on the top bar to send me to an area when editing or finding things) to access the items.

Out of curiosity, what module is it?

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D1D2 Descent intotThe Depths of the Earth

Also, what item is it?

I’m currently downloading CEP 1 to try to open it and see if I can find it

My toolset keeps crashing to desktop, and I have to go pick up my nephew from school. I’ll try to jump back into this if I can remember :slight_smile:

PC auto follow is one item, dice bag and heal ability are two others.

Thanks in advance.

NWN2Editor will allow you to remove items as well as add them etc.

Found this in the vault archives here.

on the chat line type:

##DebugMode 1

##dm_runscript nw_itemreset

##DebugMode 0

Then all your items should be droppable.

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Thanks for the reply, but this does not work in this module.

They’re right here in the toolset.

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You might also have to edit the OnClientEnter script (hc_on_cl_ent). You can comment out lines 500-515, as that is the line that’s forcing the items on you. It might not fire when loading a saved game, but it will fire when starting one.

To comment it out just put /* on line 500 and */ on line 515.

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Also, the Debug command worked for me. But it immediately gave me back the items. You’ll definitely have to edit the on client enter script. If you need a hand, you might get on the vault’s Discord so we can chat more fluidly.

You are awesome. Deleted items using right click.

Never would have been able to do this by myself.