Inns, homes, buildings, shops etc

are showing in some modules, as a white border, instead of the green grass, as it appears when I view said structures in toolset. Running latest CEP…anyone have similar issue, or know what could be cause.

Could you make a screenshot and drag&drop it to your message?

I see the problem.

Which modules are affected? Do you use 3rd party haks? Is the override folder clean?

I have over 200 hak files in the hak folder and over 70 in override.

this mod is one of tje two i saw affected this weekend…correction it is this one…

The haks in the hak folder don’t hurt, as long they are not added to a mod. The haks and other files in override could do any mischief you can think of. Override is always imported at game start.

ahh ok, i will empty it and see what happens…

ok, i completely emptied override…started module from scratch, not a save game, and it is still doing it.

Sorry, can’t find this area. Whats the name of it. Found orny one city area: “Drylake”

I am very sorry…the example for the video is the module is…

you will start right where the video takes place, and again, I am sorry for wasting your time with the error…the original moduel I posted was the other one with the same issue…

Right, I already found it. However, I can’t reproduce the fault on my EE, there is nothing in this mod which could cause this type of error. See here:

Without having access to your machine I don’t know what to do next.

ya, thats the area, and it works fine, for you…maybe it is a hak after all? do you have latest CEP on your machine?

I found it…first thank you for all the help, you pointed me in the right direction, and I appreciate your time…this was the culprit, an item located on Steam workshop…

Neverwinter Nights Facelift by Zwerkules

Cool. Zwerkies addons usually work well, but you never know what happens to them if distributed by a 3rd party.

I was thinking that as well…I have others of theirs from Steam WS and they are fine. Will try to download from vault from now on for his stuff.

thx again!

That is exactly the problem. I made them with patch haks in mind and not as files cluttering the override folder, but that is what the Steam Workshop version does. It should still work with CEP though because if it uses the models from override, the textures should be there, too and if the CEP overrides those models with a hak, the CEP should use the vanilla textures which should be used from the base game.
Personally I’m very much against the Steam Workshop version, but don’t forbid anybody the use of my work.
Using the override folder is exactly what I wanted to avoid. The patch haks I made can be turned on and off separately and if you don’t need them any more and want to get rid of them you can easily remove every hak separately from the hak folder. I hate “all or nothing” packages.

If you want to use the vault versions, make sure to unsubscribe from the workshop version. It gets even worse when you use haks from the workshop that are older than versions in your hak folder because the workshop trumps everything :frowning:

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This is really strange if caused by my city override because for this to happen you would have to have the models in override, CEP haks would have to not include the models and you would have to have all the textures from the city override to miss in your override folder. As you can clearly see the textures are vanilla textures, but if the models were vanilla models they wouldn’t require the textures that blend grass and cobble.

Uh … well, now it’s hard to follow you, I’m not a tileset expert. And who knows what a even less experienced user could do wrong. If I’m correct, then there are actually 2 override folders in the EE. Maybe I should have a look on your facelift in a clean environment to understand better. Btw, which CEP version we are talking about? 2.6x or 3?