Install/Play SoU and HoTU without discs?

Hello Friends of NWN,
I am a long time player of this game. I purchased this game 20 years ago but I have lost the CD Keys for SoU and HoTU. thereby making the game on my new laptop computer unusable. IS there any way to install the game and the expansions without the discs? And, is it possible to play the game without the Play Disc all the time? Any assistance would be appreciated.
(P.S. I am not trying to pirate… I legitimately purchased the games but just lost the CD Keys for the expansions over the years).

Do you have access to your old computer with the prior installation?

Back then, the disks were the way to play games and your CD keys on cds’ were a way to access the game. The times changed and now you get access without CDs, instead, you can install steam and play through it. However, I highly recommend purchasing Enhanced Edition as it is somewhat a bit different game and even if you find old cd keys they won’t work for EE edition. EE has both SOU and HOTU inside

If you get NwN EE from GOG you will also get the old 1.69/Diamond edition as part of the bundle.


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