Installing mods to a location other than the documents folder

Can mods be installed to a location other than the documents folder ? I am using EE and have limited space because my primary drive is a SSD but have a 1TB secondary drive.

Either start the nwmain.exe with the -userDirectory parameter:

For example (for beamdog):

“C:\Users\UserName\Beamdog Library\00785\bin\win32\nwmain.exe” -userDirectory “D:\Neverwinter Nights”

or use the alias section in NWN.ini to have only parts (e.g. mod/hak folders) at a different location.

You could also consider moving your Documents folder to another drive. I use the Locations Tab on the Documents Properties to specify (and move) Documents to my larger drive.

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I use Surazal’s approach, moving the entire documents folder to the larger, slower HDD to conserve space on the SSD.

I have tried various other tricks, but the Steam and GOG Galaxy clients seem to interfere and insist that things belong in certain places. Just my experience that may not be the same for others, but moving the Documents folder was easiest and worked well.

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Thanks gang! I knew you techno-wizards knew how to make it happen! I tried relocating the documents folder but kept getting a error in windows 11 so I edited the nwn.ini and just moved the hak files and it worked like a charm! I wonder if this also works with NWN 2?

What error did you get when you tried to move the Documents folder?

One of the folders could not be moved so it aborted the action. Ill check it out again when i have a moment. With 11 its not just a documents folder sitting on your primary drive its under the onedrive directory even though i have onedrive disabled. Id rather make a local backup instead of uploading and downloading to a cloud.

There should be a Documents folder located in C:\Users\YourUserName, which is the one that should be moved.

Mine was empty and all the games i have installed went right to the onedrive directory documents folder

There is probably an option that specifies OneDrive as the Documents folder. Presumably you could copy OneDrive Documents to user Documents and then change the OneDrive option before moving your Documents Folder. It might be under OneDrive Settings Manage Backup.