Installing NWN2 for Mac on OS X Mojave

I bought an old DVD on eBay and the installer wouldn’t launch, with an annoying error: “Package relies on LaunchServices search but has incomplete component data in TokenDefinitions.plist”

I worked around this by bringing up a spare Mac with Yosemite, installing the game and applying the final update, then copying the “/Applications/Neverwinter Nights 2” folder to the Mojave box. It runs!


When you want the Toolset you will have to switch to Windows. I love my Mac and I purchased all versions of NWN2 including both the Mac DVD’s and the App Store version, but the best experience is unfortunately to play on Windows.

Sadly, I can also vouch for that. On the plus side I with the help of @Kaldor_Silverwand and others was able to set up Boot Camp and play the game easily. It was on sale on GoG for I think about £7. Well worth it. Runs perfectly and quickly. I’ve had troubles with getting the toolset to work so I’d be curious how someone else gets on if you do decide to try it.

I should also point out that both Boot Camp and Windows cost me nothing .

Have a look at the other thread nearby in the forums for advice on doing that.

Thanks, yeah, i have Boot Camp set up, but i want to minimize the games i have that require switching to Windows. I figure that if i really want to play the expansions, i’ll have to bite the bullet, but in the meantime, i wanted to share a solution for a problem others might encounter.