Installing NWN2 without losing anything

I am fed up with my game crashing when I save so wanted to install my GoG version but I’m a bit worried about deleting things I’ve made with the toolset.

Any tips on how to get it all back as it was without wiping anything ? I’ve copied and pasted the folders with things in from my documents… Campaigns, modules, local vault, override, saves and the template folder from the C app data toolset bit into another folder and will move the originals out before wiping my original game :sob:

Is there anything else I should be wary of ?

I would rename

[MyDocs]\Neverwinter Nights 2


[MyDocs]\Neverwinter Nights 2_Tsongo

to keep all your MyDocs stuff.

Then poke through

[install]\Neverwinter Nights 2

try to remember anything you’ve put or done there (eg. modified Dialog.Tlk) and at least copy-out your \Plugins folder safely. There may be other stuff like 3rd party terrains …

also rename

C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\NWN2 Toolset


C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\NWN2 Toolset_Tsongo

to save your toolset settings (rename it back after reinstall). It might be safe as is, but hey …

And … wait for others to chime in here; better wait than sry :\

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Consider putting all the moved stuff into an archive (*.7z, *.zip, *.rar, whatever). Then put it into a different folder. You should be safe from losing anything then and once reinstalled you can either keep the archive just in case or delete it.


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KevL_s and Tarot_Redhand… Thanks,I’m on it.

I’m now considering putting bits on another hard drive too.

I second what the others are saying here. When I installed a fresh GoG version on my laptop it was quite easy. I just took the whole MyDocuments\Neverwinter Nights 2 folder from my other computer and overwrote everything in the fresh install. And of course, just like kevL_s is saying, backup your plugins folder and if you have custom stuff in your other folders, from the installed game folder (whatever it is called on your computer, I mean the Not-My-Documents folder) and put the things you have there into the new install. If you do all that there should be no problems at all, I think.

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andgalf… thanks, I haven’t touched the game folder and only have one plugin ( in my downloads anyway ) so that’s all good. I’m going to stick what I’ve moved into an external hard drive and put it in a Faraday cage now !

I know it shouldn’t be and defies logic, but this is a bit scary :fearful:

I know how you must feel, but I think you should be safe if you do all the things that kevL_s suggested. If you do all that, I can’t think of anyway things would get screwed up.

EDIT: I know one time I accidentally changed settings in the toolset, but there was an easy way to reset the toolset to the default settings. How to do that (which I can’t remember at the moment) I have a txt file in one of my folders. So if that somehow happens to you, I can check that txt file.

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andgalf… Thanks, I’ve done it now and just tested it… It’s all working well. To be on the safe side I deleted the Neverwinter Nights 2 documents folder on my laptop and put in the one I was saving on my hard drive, swapped and tested it and that was fine.

At least that way if I messed it up on the PC I had an extra copy of the working version on the laptop too and knew that I had everything.

I was really concerned about my latest campaign and the override which I spent ages going through while deleting things I’m not using in the campaign.

Good news is my old original Neverwinter Nights 2 lives on too because the new version went into GOG Games but it can have a rest now… Like me, I’m fed up with moving stuff and watching green lines creep across the screen as things move.


I thought it gave you an option to leave your saves and whatnot when you uninstall the game.

R-Mod… I didn’t uninstall it and GOG never asked about wiping it. I think it’s because it goes in a different folder ( GOG Games not just Neverwinter Nights 2 ). But the part in documents wasn’t there when I installed it from GOG and I think only appears when you start the game and exit ( it’s there now ).

That was the bit I was worried about as that’s where all my toolset workings live and saves etc. So maybe the game itself would automatically wipe it when it makes new folders and I really couldn’t trust all that stuff to me ticking a box and leaving it up to the computer to decide what I meant.

But I got away with it and it’s all back to normal now which is all that matters, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.