Instruments With Bards (Them Were The Days ... :) )


Yes, I do remember those now you mention them … but I think the Lute Hero was just a mini-game like thing iirc … and not to my style. However, perhaps I need to look into DW3 again … in case I missed something there. (I did not play it, but do recall reading about it.)


Yeah I should have said if your not into Heavy Metal it may not be your cup of tea. Dark Waters 3 was a full mod. Be warned most the Dark Waters mods are buggy, nothing game breaking that I found. Adam tried to do things that the tool set could not really implement very well back then.


Actually (for my sins), I do come from a very heavy metal background and still own many albums from the 70-80-90-00s - From Black Sabbath, Skyclad, Emperor, etc, etc … and punk, including The Exploited, The Subhumans, etc, etc …

However, since becoming a Christian, my tastes have softened and I have some other tastes now … :slight_smile: I still listen to those albums from time to time though, even if I no longer go to the concerts … I’m sure I lost some hearing at a Motorhead concert!

It would not have been the music, but the style of play that would have put me off.

I think that is what I discovered and I ended up not playing them, even though I thought they looked good. Also, it was back in the days when I wanted to see how certain things could be done … and so I looked at them with building in mind.


Bardic Instruments

The examples in the OC were just not well thought out by the developers. While they are better than scrolls as they have per/day uses rather than charges, they generally allow the user to cast spells they needed in the previous act, i.e. too little and too late to be of use. The best course is usually to sell the instrument and buy potions that will provide the same benefits for less weight and that can be used by any party member.

Curiously, few Bardic instruments provide the most obviously logical benefit one would expect to find on such an item, a boost to the Perform skill. Many Bardic Music effects for example are extended or otherwise boosted by a high Perform rating. Other reasonable things one would expect on a musical instrument are boosts to either Charisma (because you are a star after all) or to one of the social skills, especially Diplomacy.

The biggest in-game boost to Perform comes from the short bow Lilting Note at Perform +8. Weird.


I agree … and is why even the “basic” version of the instruments (< 10 gp each) give the benefits I list in an above post. This includes the song that boosts skills, which includes the Perform Skill, so that is catered for too. :slight_smile: E.g. The flute boosts the Inspire Competence: + 1 Skills.


I would really like to an instrument that can help the Bards sonic attacks. The music from the instrument and the Voice would be outstanding. Since that was the purpose of instruments originally.


Thanks GCoyote.


Well another obvious feat to add to an instrument would be Practiced Spellcaster: Bard. That would be of immediate use to any multiclass bard character regardless of which spell they are casting.


Is that something and above what I have done then? I mean, the instruments now enhance every bard skill. i.e. Is there a bard “sonic attack” I do not know of?


A Bard can harm an opponent through either a spell, an inspiration, or Bardic Music. I don’t know enough about the mechanics of the last two.


It was fairly new to me too … However, from what I have seen/learned/coded lately, I have “enhanced” all bardic songs (be they an inspiration or music) if the PC equips an instrument upon “casting” said song/music. I have not done anything about their spell ability, as that appears OK to me.


I’d like to revisit the discussion of Alignment in a different thread. Probably under General Natter for a wider audience. Many of the alignment shifts in the OC don’t make sense to me.


Sounds good to me … I’ll restart that one in the general natter area for anybody who may want to continue it.

I have started a new post here if you want to discuss this further: Alignment Talk


And of course the minute I logged off, I thought, ‘we need to have instrument crafting!’.

Recipe + + spell = Zalantar Lute (Spellcraft +2)

or some such.

Arrrrrgh!!! must … not … open … toolset … until … chores … are … done!!! :grimacing:



Tell me about it!

I too started to consider the crafting side when I realised that the more expensive instruments I included would NOT work with the current crafting setup. However, I also concluded that having a selection of 9 instruments that now offer benefits for the bard songs is a good start, even without further crafting of such at this point in time. :wink:



Giving up on this already.


I was talking about age, not the Thief class.


That’s because anything worthwhile takes time … You understand that more with age, when hopefully one acquires wisdom too. A shame, as it may have been helpful to you.