Intel Graphics fix


Im doing some development work on a EE module, but can’t get it to work on my laptop. I downloaded the updated executable from Beamdog that was supposed to fix the issue. Before, the program would not even start, throwing an execution error and shutting down. Now, it runs and I can watch the opening movie. After that, I can see the bottom two buttons on the main menu and the rest of the screen is white, so it’s equally unusable. I’ve messed with just about every display setting with no luck. Any advice out there? Intel integrated 620 graphics.


My advice is to get a dedicated GPU. I have had little to no success running EE on an integrated graphics card. If that’s not an option, then attempt to update your video drivers and try that, though I suspect you’ll still be in the same pickle.

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That is definitely not an option, but I will look into the driver updates. I kind of figured that would probably be the answer. Thanks!