Interior tileset

Nice! Is there a vent in the ceiling above?

No, there’s no ceiling vent, it would not be a tavern worthy of the name without the usual foggy atmosphere ! :smiley:

That said, I thought about making a suspended drying rack above the fire… not sure it’s useful, though…

Boy I hope so or it will smoke everybody out.:rofl: Or catch the building on fire. Excuse me that is the old first responder in me.

Are the logs etc part of the tile? People may want to put other stuff in there.

Yes, Kamal the logs are part of the tile, and I prefer to leave it as it is, since it’s designed to be a fireplace (and also because I spent a LOT of time creating these burned logs… :D)

This is the tile without the logs :

Not really attractive, as you can see…
Besides, I made the ash texture by mixing Nwn2 and Witcher’s textures (It’s the first time I use a Nwn2 texture in this project)…

Here is the final version of the damaged floor :

Edit : okay, I thought about it twice, and here is a compromise (this is a new variant, the tile with the pile of logs will still be available) :

That way, it’s possible to put some pots or cauldron above the pit. Thanks !


Did you use the damaged floor to feed the firepit ? :sunglasses:

Nice work, it has a Skyrim look, which is a compliment since Skyrim is less old than NWN 2.

Thank you !
Yes, Skyrim is one of my inspiration sources for this one, along with the japanese ‘irori’.

Now it’s possible to cook something in this tileset :

(This is a placeable)


More nice work. I was thinking it might be useful to have a smoke canopy as a placeable. Those apparently were used during the middle ages before the adoption of the chimney.

Kalister, I would love to see multi-floor tiles without a transition, so you can have interiors where there’s a balcony overlooking the first floor, or step-up areas.

Just to break out the area and make it more diverse without relying on transitions.

Also, please offer tile variants that don’t add windows / logs if you can. If you add a set of logs to a firepit, that firepit can no longer be dynamically changed in-game.

What if I wanted players to have to go find wood, then add it to the pit and set it on fire as part of a quest? for example. I agree your logs look beautiful - maybe include them as a placeable?

Thanks <3


The witcher placeables pack has a smoke canopy. You can also make one out of some stock placeables, I’ve seen it in some prefab interiors.

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There’s a four pillared fireplace in the “lost” OC set but the texture needs work.


I’m not sure I’ll be able to build everything you suggest, Trinital, especially the multi-floor tiles… maybe the step-up area ? And don’t worry for the “go find wood” quest, it’s still possible to use the tiles I made and the stock placeables to achieve this :slight_smile:
You can’t build a tileset trying to cover every possible scenario, otherwise you’ll spend years working on your project, and possibly never see the end.

(Meanwhile, a new tile variant with a small window) :


My point was more that a empty Pit could be used for many cool things besides a fireplace.
If you don’t add the wood there - I could make it a small fountain or pond, or something else entirely.

The wood narrows down what that pit can be used for. Up to you though.

If there’s not a stock empty pit, I will see about adding one in my tileset pack.

Ok, I’ll see if I can make a pit, or a kind of basin, that fits into this tileset…

I didn’t do much lately, being busy at work… just some placeables : a campfire with the logs (the ash is tintable), and a new cauldron (which I’m very proud of :p)

The cauldron is also tintable.


No need for a full pit, just remove the logs and such so the fire pit is empty. Then we cam place the logs placeables in If desired or use for other purposes.

If you removed the handle from that cauldron, I bet it would make a very serviceable resting bell.

No one would have asked I’m sure :smile:

Now we can be sure it’s tintable … can it be re-textured to look like brick and is there an upright handle version.


Very nice stuff… you are a master of normal mapping.