Into the Unknown Realms

The 30 level cap is hard-coded. There is no simple way of getting around it.

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Then how come Kelemvor is at LVL. 50 and Akachi - sorry, the Faceless Man - is at LVL. 35?

Because they are not the pc. The pc is hardcapped at thirty unless you want to do things like hex editing the game files.

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That was an oversimplification on my part. You can set the value of ‘level’ to whatever you would like, but there are no class templates for determining levels beyond 30 provided for the playable classes in the game, so if even if you set the value of a playable class’ level to something higher, the game won’t be able to apply ability score improvements, additional feats, spells, etc, because it has no model for what they should be. The NPCs you mentioned don’t follow the standard level-up process and are handmade to be unique, one-offs.

Now, this hard-coded cap has been circumvented by a small number of people who are far more talented than I am using community-made tools that still astonish me by their very existence - which is why I say I didn’t say it’s impossible to do what you want. It’s just merely extremely difficult.

Where do I find those said people? Did they make mods or something for this?

i think these are all the threads pertaining to L30+

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Okay, good to know, and I stand corrected. My experience with NWN2 is limited (I spend 99% of my time with the first game), and I figured the 2DAs just didn’t provision for progression past 30.

I’ll check those threads, but do you know anyone that did it with minimal risk?

Actually, I’ll be a madman and just say it - did anyone also try multiclassing… more than four classes?

ah no. As soon as ya see “hex edit the executable” … it takes a certain level of comfort w/ computers and their files

this is extremely unlikely – there are hardcoded functions in NwScript that would likely spring a leak if a fifth class-position was checked for.

BUT … Xoreos would … will … make basically anything possible.

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An entirely new engine? Unsurprising and not unexpected, but displeasing, as it probably means we’d lose all the nice graphics and animations and gameplay mechanics and all that.

absolutely not (!)

The point of what Doc McCoy is working on is to mimic the game(s) as we see it and play it. What it would actually do is open a path to improving the graphics (eg. implementing a more up to date graphics engine)

… but that’s nontrivial



So is it done for NWN2 or is the project only finished when it’s available for all the games?

it’s got a long way to go.

I guess any of the games could become playable whenever … but given the fact they all share similar basics, imagine an Olympic size swimming pool that’s slowly filling with water …

NwN1 seems to have the most interest/priority

Shame… Darn shame…

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So only one of the three threads directs me to instructions on how to raise the level cap.

How exactly do I perform this edit? Because I have no idea where I’m supposed to search for these bytes.

you will need a hex editor, like hxd, to edit the nwn2.exe. install the editor, make a backup of the .exe file, open the file, search for the bytes to change, replace them and save.

I installed it, but I don’t know which file to open.

I’m away from my gaming rig atm, but I can remember there are 2 exe, nwn2, nwn2main.

If you cannot find the specific hex numbers in nwn2, it should be in nwn2main.

nwn2main filesize is larger iirc.

So wait, you mean the file that starts up the game?

Yes, either one will start the game.