Into the Unknown Realms

Yes, either one will start the game.

… I’m still at disbelief that I’m supposed to do the editing to it, but I’ll do it anyway.

My disbelief is dropped. It works perfectly.


So what did you change?

The NWN2Main. And I don’t think I’ll ever reach it, but if I did, how could I raise the cap over forty?

you used a hex editor and changed bytes to the value of 28, which stands for 40 in a decimal numeral system. if you like to go even higher, choose an appropriate hex value.

That’s the thing - I have no idea what higher values are appropriate. And that’s not the only value I changed.

Which values did you change? I edited the exe to go to 60, but it stopped at 30. Something else is blocking me.

NPC are allowed to go up to 160, with each class maxing out at 40. This makes the DC almost unbeatable.

So you followed the thread exactly and raised the cap to 40. Any luck raising it further?

I don’t know how to raise it further, I already told you that. I know I can’t choose any random number and hope it does the trick.

If you are using a windows computer open up the calculator. Switch from standard calculator to the programmer calculator. You will see a column

Hex 0
Dec 0 (should have a blue bar by it)
Oct 0
Bin 0
Type in 40 then select Hex and it give you the Hexadecimal equivalent of 28. From there to chose what ever number you want to convert. Or if that is to hard to do, you could always google “Hex To Dec converter” and find one on the web.

I just realized that to make the level cap 40, I changed several bytes to the same number. Well I’ll be. Guess I’ll replace them all with the same number I got from here, then?

Though, the following thread says that past 40, the game ‘breaks’ and resets the saving throws and BAB to zero and Fighter bonus feats stop being available, so I wanna know how to deal with that, too.

I want to know if anyone else has succeeded in going past 40, because if you see the class 2da, it has levels up to 60.

I have tried putting 60 as the cap, but it stopped at the default 30 for whatever reason. That is why I asked in the 160 thread, what are the exact steps s/he did to produce the resulting screenshot.

Well if jones is anything to go by, it’s doing exactly what he did. Now I could do as he said, but given what Clangeddin said about the game breaking, I’d rather first find a way around that before raising the cap higher.

Well, the link that had the instructions on how to do it is gone now, and I don’t remember how I did it, especially the numbers I was supposed to swap. Anyone remember how the whole thing went?