Intro and Exit Movies

Are intro and exit movies still supported? if so, what format does the movie need to be in? Can only save to mv4 so may need suggestions for converting if playing them in game is still an option.

In EE the movies are still supported but the bink movie format is not. EE uses the webm format (extension wbm). There is a tool on here to convert old bink movies to webm -

Bink / .bik converter to WBM


Thanks Tarot, although I’m thinking of remaking them since the original exit movie didn’t play for a lot of people anyway, so looking for something to convert either MV4 or Mpeg4 (I think) to WBM.

You should be able to use VLC to do that - VLC media player.

You might also find NWNEE Overkill Cinematics Overrides by @Symphony to be of interest as an example of what can be achieved in EE.