Inventory Quality of Life

This mod provides some changes that make inventory managament easier.

  1. Weight of all items (except armors) reduced to 0.
  2. Ammo stacks to 9999, thrown weapons to 10000.
  3. Gems, potions, scrolls, kits, ecc stack to 100 instead of 10.
  4. Glove’s AC bonus changed from Deflection to Armor.

Extract the zip file in your My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/Override folder

Conflicts with any mod that modifies the baseitems.2da file, such as Kaedrin’s PRC.




Adjusting the STACK may affect costs/values in a store (iirc). In fact, altering AMMO stacks can be very hazardous in my experience. Handle with care!

Cheers, Lance.

You either added the baseitems2da as a hak (and in that case this mod simply does nothing) or you didn’t and this mod will work as intended, it’s only one file, in either case it won’t “break” anything.

The statement about stack affecting cost values in a store is not correct, it’s the ILR stack size that affects the worth of items, but this mod leaves those values unaffacted. Obviouslly, 9999 arrows will sell for more than 99 arrows, that much should be obvious.


Hi Clangeddin,

I corrected my post, as you are correct about it being added as a hak (prioritizing over override). Thanks for pointing that out.

With reference to stacking and costs, I thought I did notice something was affected in my own testing (not of yours, but my own). I will double check that then … thanks for the feedback.

Cheers, Lance.

Although if you install the Level Cap 160 mod, your PC could burn through 999 arrows pretty fast.

Well, as the saying goes, with great power comes great arrow cost.
(It’s 9999 btw)


and here I am playing with arrow stacksize 24 /sheesh

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@kevL_s Personally, I think that’s a more realistic number anyway. :wink:

Does 9999 also alter weight? … :slight_smile: