Inventory sort mod not working

Hi, trying desperately to make the inventory sort mod work ( Inventory Sort | The Neverwinter Vault ) , but I can’t. I followed the instructions, enabled the mod in the console, and i got the success message saying that it is activated. But i can’t find the command to actually sort items in the inventory…

"Following the above procedure will add Inventory Sort feat to your PC’s
creature hide. This feat will be called “Player Tool 10”

But i don’t find the PlayerTool 10 command anywhere…maybe i am just dumb, but i don’t understand what the author means with "your PC’s creature hide"

I am playing SoU. is this maybe only for OC ?

If you right-click on your PC to see your radial menu, you will see various class feats, including Player Tools if enabled.

For convenience, you can put them in a quickslot by right-clicking the slot.

P.S. don’t worry about the reference to “hide”. That’s a delivery mechanism behind the scenes that players shouldn’t need to know about (though it sometimes turns up in inventory as an item called PC Properties owing to bugs).

I tried all the radial menus, Player tools is not there. Could you please be more specific about where it should be exactly, maybe i missed one, but i am quite sure i checked all, and even the submenus…maybe i will check again if you tell me exactly where

9 o’clock = Special Abilities
7 o’clock = Fighter (or whatever class)

Player Tool will be in that menu - assuming that the mod is working, which I can’t vouch for.

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Found it man, thanks!! It is there!!