Ipoint placeable portrait?

I’m using an ipoint placeable for a NWN1 style conversation. Is it possible to somehow change the portrait image of the ipoint in the conversation or is that impossible (to make it appear as it is someone else than the invisible ipoint talking)?

try conversation’s Properties|Behavior|DefaultTGA slot …

i think it works, but doubt that it could be scripted in … just preset on the blueprint/instance


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Ah, yes. I’ll try that.

I tried it ingame but when choosing a tga file with measures 256x400 it didn’t show anything, just an empty square. Maybe it has to be a certain size?

I also tried with the same image but at 128x200, still it doesn’t show anything, just a blank picture.

Set the convo to “PartyChat” TRUE. I think the DefaultTGA will then display in-game.

also keep them square, with a testsize of 128x128 – get fancy later.

Well, changing to 128x128 did nothing. PartyChat TRUE kind of worked but then it switched over to Storm of Zehir conversation and I don’t want that.

Something else you could try is this:

Instead of using an iPoint, use a creature set to “Script Hidden” TRUE. Set that hidden creature to a unique tag and also set its “Custom Portrait” to whatever you want to use. Then, in the convo, set the specific speaker nodes to the hidden creature’s tag. That hidden creature’s portrait will then show in the dialog during its nodes.


Tried it. Didn’t work I’m sorry to say.

I give up on this thing. It wasn’t that important anyway.

This worked for me:

  1. Place an ‘Attach Spell Node’ creature, found under Special
  2. Set the creature scale to 0, 0, 0 so it can’t be clicked
  3. Set the Custom Portrait to the image you want to use
  4. Set the conversation

I also gave it a merchant Faction ID, Immobile movement rate, make it Immortal and Plot, and assigned a unique tag.


Thanks. I’ll try that then.