Is a single player module automatically a MP?

Simple question, I hope, but this is one of those ( many) areas I still have no idea about.

I’m nearly finished creating a module. If I want to play it along with someone else on the internet can I just select the MP option/ create internet game/ give it a named password and that’s it?

Or does a MP module have to be built from the start with that in mind, have certain settings etc. ? I’m not looking for anything other than the ability for two people to play the game at the same time.

Well, skipping the whole PW part, to just play MP with someone for the most part it does not need to be rebuilt. It may just mostly work. However, anywhere you use GetFirstPC() to get the PC is probably going to be broken.

Also quests may not be scripted to work with a party. So weird things can happen there if different PCs try to do the quest steps. Probably best to have one player do all the quest related stuff in that case.

Give it a try and see what happens…

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Yes, you can for the most part. However, as meaglyn said, scripts involving GetFirstPC(), will break, because it didn’t account for more than one PC. Quests may break too depending on how variables and quest stages were handled, but should be fine if only one PC handles all the conversastions. In some modules, there might be scripted events where you get teleported to another area, but because it didn’t account for a party or many PCs, leaving PCs stranded with no way to continue.

Thanks both. That’s interesting. One further question from your replies. If I join as a player do I automatically join the PC’s party or is there a standard mechanism for allowing this.

I ask as there is a teleporting of the PC’s party involved at one point.

By default, you’ll have to be invited to join a party every time you log in again, at least that’s how it was the last time I played multiplayer. I remember a “one party” checkbox in the server settings but I don’t think it does automates party joining.

Ok, thanks. That’s really useful. I’m good to go. If I’m part of the party (to paraphrase Groucho Marx :grinning: ) then I’ll be teleported along with the rest.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to play MP, which is different in terms of new interface options (chat channels etc.) and things like partying, there’s a Quick and Dirty MP Roleplay Reference here at the Vault, as part of the Neverwinter Connections guides:

The guide for the tech side of connecting and hosting multiplayer is also here:

Neverwinter Connections maintains a NWN:EE multiplayer resource page, which in addition to the above has a number of other community links, including for building and MP module lists:

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Thanks for this. I’ll have a look at these options although my needs on this are simple at the moment.